Apr 4

Anna Kendall

Anna Kendall

A Central Michigan University grad (Fire up!), Anna joined the Sabo PR team in 2022 with experience in social media, public relations and marketing in health care, agency and nonprofit settings.

Ever since her first internship with the Mount Pleasant Area Community Foundation, Anna has held a profound love for mission-driven organizations serving local communities. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with individuals, clients and an employer dedicated to making a difference in the place she calls home.

Anna works hard to approach everything with a calm, curious and thoughtful mindset, and believes empathy and open-mindedness are at the heart of the best communication strategies.

Outside of work, you can find Anna reading, running or spending time with canine companions – whether volunteering at the Kent County Animal Shelter or adventuring with her own beloved mutt, Bear.

Email: anna@sabo-pr.com
Title: Media Marvel