When it comes to money, some of us would just rather not think about it. Lucky for us, there’s an app for that. Or dozens of apps for that.

Adam Garvey of Rehmann says personal finance apps and online budgeting tools are a great way to help consumers get their arms around their finances – especially if they don’t know where to start.

Garvey, a financial planner and member of the Michigan Association of CPAs, has some great tips for selecting personal finance apps.

“Everyone has different goals when it comes to finances. Some want to be better at budgeting while others want to improve their investments,” Garvey says. “Whatever your goals, there’s probably an app for that.

Garvey recommends examining your financial goals with a trusted financial advisor and the find apps that align with your objectives. Some to check out include:

  • Mint, which provides an all-in-one way to track and pay bills, create a budget, keep an eye on your credit score – even track your investments.
  • YNAB (You Need a Budget), which helps with money management so consumers can get out of debt by prioritizing spending and then sticking to a plan
  • Good Budget allows you to create virtual envelopes (thank you, Dave Ramsey), set goals and be accountable
  • Bloomberg draws on the power if its parent company to provide access to financial news, global business and market data coupled with powerful portfolio tracking apps
  • Credit Karma goes beyond giving you access to free credit scores – it lets you see what’s affecting them.

I would be happy to coordinate a conversation with Garvey, who can discuss the advantages of personal finance apps more in depth, as well as provide some insights on the best ones. Contact me to learn more. You can reach me by emailing or calling 517.802.8156.

Have a great day!