Choose your words carefully

Sep 13

As PR professionals, we are wordsmiths by nature. Our clients ask us for support in telling their stories – and while many of those stories are great, just as many are difficult, painful or embarrassing. We’re regularly asked to dig into our toolkits of experience and language to find the best way to deliver a […]

Using Canva to create captivating, memorable social media graphics

Sep 7

Like most graphic designers I know, I have a love-hate relationship with InDesign. I adore its incredible features and endless possibilities. Even after a handful of years using it, there are times I’m still shocked by all the fantastic creations people produce thanks to its advanced capabilities. However, being quick, intuitive and accessible are not […]

Nine considerations for tackling talking points

Aug 30

I’ve spent a fair bit of time this month writing talking points for clients. Some are short and sweet, like a stock response to a frequently asked question. Others are more involved, such as a script for a difficult phone call or meeting. But they all stem from a similar space: the desire to say […]

Lingering pandemic requires thoughtful approach to communications

Aug 23

“Here we go again” is something we’ve heard – or even murmured ourselves – over the past several weeks as COVID-19 cases have soared and mask mandates have returned. Just when we thought life was getting back on track – have stopped using the term “normal” thanks to my friend and colleague, Brian – variants and raised […]

Five lessons learned from video shoots

Aug 16

Since I started at SPR, the amount of video projects we’ve taken on has grown substantially. It’s rare to have a week go by where we don’t have a video shoot scheduled – even during the pandemic. From talking heads and interview-style to run-and-gun and Zoom videos, I’ve had the chance to be involved in a […]

Board service: Both a great opportunity and great responsibility

Aug 9

You should look into joining a board. It was a suggestion a colleague offered over coffee as I was getting ready to start a new job. Being a young professional, I hadn’t thought about that and found the idea intriguing. I held the perception boards are something you do later in your career. I made […]

Getting rid of normal

Aug 2

“I can’t wait to get back to normal.” How often have you said this in the past year-and-a-half? I have been incredibly guilty of frequently expressing this during the pandemic. The yearning of returning to how things were before COVID-19 upended our lives was a true wish of mine. Thing is, what is normal anyway? […]

Communicating in the Age of COVID-19: How Can Municipalities Improve?

Jul 27

Over the past 16 months, it’s become increasingly clear that municipalities, government agencies and healthcare systems are essential sources of vital information for community members. I’ve spent the past two years in Southwest Michigan, most recently at a county health department. Public health has been underfunded for years. Local health departments work with minimal staff […]

Key considerations for a smooth and successful press conference

Jul 19

Mary Ann, Brian, Hunter and I wrapped up yet another successful event for the Ford Airport nearly two weeks ago. This time, the Ford Airport team broke ground on a new operations center that will relocate and enhance the current facility, which essentially serves as the Airport’s lifeline. Cool stuff, I know. Funnily enough, around […]

The struggle is real: Back to the office we go

Jul 12

Today is the first day the Sabo PR team is back in the office since the pandemic began, and I am equal parts excited and apprehensive. Excited for all the reasons you would expect – great to see one another in person after 16 months, a return to a routine we took for granted, being […]