Your website: The virtual face of your company

Nov 18

First, let me start by saying ‘Hello!’ As Sabo PR’s newest team member, I am delighted to join a great company with a fantastic culture, proven record of excellent work and doing things the right way. My background is in the higher education, sports and non-profit settings and I look forward to using my previous […]

Why I’m thankful to be a communicator   

Nov 14

I love the holidays – it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Today’s snow especially has me getting in the mood. I’m even listening to a little Christmas music, breaking my cardinal rule of nothing Christmas until Thanksgiving evening, when I usually watch Miracle on 34th Street. During this time, I believe […]

Max King Joins Sabo PR as Senior Associate

Nov 11

Sabo PR, a full-service communications firm based in Grand Rapids, welcomes Max King as a senior associate. King joins Sabo PR with a background in strategic communications and social media planning, web development, event management, media relations, branding, photography and videography in the sports and nonprofit settings. Prior to joining Sabo PR, King was the […]

Never eat lunch alone: Balancing networking with a healthy lifestyle

Nov 4

A number of years ago, a client gave me a copy of the book “Never Eat Lunch Alone.” It focused on maximizing networking opportunities, starting with – as the title implies – making every lunch a chance to connect. I bought in – to the whole concept of networking. Breakfast meetings with clients, lunch get-togethers […]

Some PR for your Professional Documents

Oct 28

  On average, HR professionals spend seven seconds looking at a resume before deciding if it will move forward or get recycled. I don’t actually know how true that statement is. Perhaps it’s just a myth told by college professors to scare students, but it’s an intimidating thought, right? That you may have a handful […]

Agency life vs. in-house: What I’ve learned so far

Oct 21

It’s amazing how much time flies when you’re having fun…and when you have a lot on your plate. Last week, I pulled up my calendar to schedule an appointment, looked at the date and realized I have been on the Sabo PR team for six months. My experience working at an agency has been an […]

Improving Balance Between Work and Home Life

Oct 14

What does balance mean to you? “Public relations executive” was ranked No. 8 on the list of the top 10 most stressful jobs in 2019. It’s preceded by newspaper reporter, event coordinator, broadcaster, airline pilot and a few emergency services positions. It might be surprising to some, but when you look at the nature of […]

Your story starts here: Owning your narrative

Oct 7

As I prepare to meet my biological half-sister this weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about stories. Stories play a crucial role in our lives from the time we are born. If we’re lucky, we have nurturing parents who read bedtime stories to us at night. My parents did, and I can trace my lifelong […]

Step One: Know your stakeholders

Sep 30

When jumping into a writing project, we often start by determining the goals of the piece, what message we are trying to convey, what length it should be and how it will be distributed – all wonderful and important background to know when drafting any form of content. However, an even more important step should […]

The best crisis counsel I can give: Just stop talking

Sep 23

When faced with a bet-the-farm crisis, sometimes the best advice is also the hardest to follow: Just stop talking. The recent dethroning of the now-fired Augustin Arbulu is a case in point. In early August, an inquiry showed the former director of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission had created a ‘hostile work environment’ with derogatory […]