How the Pandemic Made Me a Better Communicator

Apr 12

After getting through the tidal wave of pandemic communications that enveloped our team through spring and early summer last year, it was clear COVID-19 wasn’t going away any time soon. This, of course, presented our next challenge: sharing our clients’ good work tastefully and respectfully as the world kept turning and humanity tried to keep […]

How to remove elements from a photo using Adobe Photoshop

Apr 5

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate a few ways you can remove elements from a photo using Adobe Photoshop. Let me know if there are other Photoshop techniques you’d be interested in learning – I’d be happy to make more tutorials.  

No one-size-fits-all for community engagement

Mar 29

It’s no secret COVID-19 has done a number on our ability to communicate with one another in deep and meaningful ways. And that’s especially true for municipalities and the communities they serve. As municipalities continue to grapple with how to engage community members during the pandemic on everything from master planning to public safety operations […]

How COVID-19 Proved PR is Fundamental to Your Organization

Mar 22

Living through a global pandemic this past year is a time we’ll never forget, and it’s taught us all many valuable lessons both personally and professionally. While I certainly wish we were well past the pandemic, one thing that has become abundantly clear since last March is public relations is fundamental to every organization. It’s […]

Five tips for improving the accessibility of online content

Mar 12

Whether you’re getting ready to add content to a website or planning to post on social media, there’s a question you need to ask yourself: Am I creating this with everyone in mind? Even if you think you’ve made the most beautiful website, produced an amazing video or chosen the perfect photo for your social […]

Take a breath: The art of pausing

Mar 8

I originally started writing this blog as a reminder to re-read emails before sending them. Partially as a reminder to myself and partially because I get an astonishing amount of correspondence with typos, confusing information, ones not intended for me and a whole slew of other errors. To be fair, I’m just as guilty of […]

Five steps to help create memorable logos

Mar 1

Creating a well-designed logo that resonates with your target audience is not a simple process – it takes research, trial and error and a lot of decision making. A new logo can be an intimidating process, but it’s an awarding experience that can completely redefine the look and feel of a brand. People are passionate […]

When (and not) to engage in sensitive social media conversations

Feb 22

Social media is by far one of the most useful tools for sharing information quickly and regularly with followers, whether for business or pleasure. However, it can also be a hurtful and unproductive space when not used for its intent. We’ve all experienced the latter more than we might care to admit — especially when […]

Everything – and nothing – changed during COVID-19

Feb 15

Last February, managing my headphones was a seemingly small task that constantly proved to be a challenge. I had three sets – one each for my office, car and home – that never seemed to stay where they were supposed to be. I’d wind up with three sets in my car and none in my […]

How to Start Preparing for Business That May not be Quite Usual

Feb 8

March 16, 2020 is not a day many of us will likely forget. Had you been at the SPR office that afternoon, you’d have seen a teary-eyed Chiara very awkwardly carrying a large computer monitor to her car for what would surely only be two weeks of working from home. As we quickly approach the […]