Five tips to create effective backgrounders

Oct 18

A backgrounder is a wonderful tool to effectively introduce the public, donors, the media and others to your organization, new project or event. Presenting your backgrounder in a concise, visually appealing way while providing appropriate statistics on your products and services allows you to get your key facts in front of stakeholders with minimal effort […]

Road to Issues Management Success Doesn’t Have to be Bumpy

Oct 11

As a Type A who wants to get from point A to point B quickly, I’m typically not a fan of road trips – am more of a direct flight kind of traveler. However, recent road trips to Wisconsin and Tennessee for husband Mike’s Half Ironman events had me appreciating the open road and seeing […]

It’s all in the prep work: tips for successful media interviews

Oct 4

Offering and securing media interviews is a great way to achieve news coverage that helps tell your client’s or organization’s story. However, a lot of careful planning and preparation is needed to ensure a positive result. Today, I’m sharing some best practices for getting media interviews and preparing for those conversations. Make sure it’s newsworthy […]

You’re not too young to pay it forward

Sep 27

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the end of my college days and applying for my first full-time job. I remember these moments feeling surreal. Despite doing well in my communications and journalism classes, working several internships and making connections with professionals in the industry, I still didn’t feel I was quite ready. The idea of […]

The Power of Space

Sep 20

Growing up, I envisioned myself being an architect. When other kids were asking for N64s and Furbys, I wanted drafting paper, books on castles, Legos and floorplan magazines. I would sketch out dream homes or build cities out of those amazing little blocks. Any chance I got to see a historical building or get a […]

Choose your words carefully

Sep 13

As PR professionals, we are wordsmiths by nature. Our clients ask us for support in telling their stories – and while many of those stories are great, just as many are difficult, painful or embarrassing. We’re regularly asked to dig into our toolkits of experience and language to find the best way to deliver a […]

Using Canva to create captivating, memorable social media graphics

Sep 7

Like most graphic designers I know, I have a love-hate relationship with InDesign. I adore its incredible features and endless possibilities. Even after a handful of years using it, there are times I’m still shocked by all the fantastic creations people produce thanks to its advanced capabilities. However, being quick, intuitive and accessible are not […]

Nine considerations for tackling talking points

Aug 30

I’ve spent a fair bit of time this month writing talking points for clients. Some are short and sweet, like a stock response to a frequently asked question. Others are more involved, such as a script for a difficult phone call or meeting. But they all stem from a similar space: the desire to say […]

Lingering pandemic requires thoughtful approach to communications

Aug 23

“Here we go again” is something we’ve heard – or even murmured ourselves – over the past several weeks as COVID-19 cases have soared and mask mandates have returned. Just when we thought life was getting back on track – have stopped using the term “normal” thanks to my friend and colleague, Brian – variants and raised […]