A hashtag we can all get behind: #MaskUpMichigan

Jul 13

Hey, Michigan: who wants to go back to March, shutter our businesses and sequester ourselves at home? A big resounding chorus of silence. That’s why my team and I are supporting #MaskUpMichigan, an initiative from the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce and MICHauto to promote wearing facial coverings when we’re in public. The Chamber’s website […]

Organize your way to becoming a social media pro

Jul 6

  On Mondays I work on social media. While scheduling a week’s worth of content may seem like a mundane or daunting task for many, it’s my go-to. Scheduling social media posts is an easy task that not only gets you back in the swing of things and reminds you of the upcoming week’s events […]

Steps to take before revamping your website

Jun 29

During our few months of working from home, we’ve taken a bit of time to review our website and rethink how we want it to look and feel. Often times, our days are spent actively serving our clients and leading communications projects, leaving our own to-do list on the backburner. Recently, we decided to put […]

Dobyself – with a little help from experts

Jun 22

When my younger nephew was a toddler, he would often get frustrated when trying to master a new skill. Like any well-intentioned aunt, I would provide verbal encouragement but refrain from hands-on intervention to encourage solo problem solving. On more than one occasion, as I was ready to lean in and take over, my nephew […]

Responding to Racial Injustice: What I Learned From the Experts

Jun 15

As the nation and world demand concrete change in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many other people of color, I, like many, felt lost and unsure of what to do to help. The first thing I wanted to do was educate myself. Two weeks ago, I […]

Listening, learning, changing

Jun 8

After a week of protests over the death of George Floyd, I sought refuge in my kitchen, turning to food to conjure comfort for myself and those I love. Blueberries and baking powder were transformed into buckle, packaged and sent, still warm, to my mother-in-law in Midland. My husband and stepson returned from their travels […]

Living in “And”

Jun 1

A note from Mary Ann: When I asked Angela last week to write this blog, the flooding in Midland was the biggest story in Michigan news. In addition to having a team member live in Midland, SPR serves many clients in the area, and I wanted to share Angela’s firsthand perspective of managing a crisis […]

Turning on the Light: Designing an Adoption Book During COVID-19

May 25

  Life moves on even during a pandemic — something I know we all are experiencing and trying to accommodate. Although many events have been canceled and the line between work attire and pajamas is very fine, there have still been so many things to celebrate. Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays don’t recognize COVID-19, and babies […]

Tips to help plan your next virtual event

May 18

Event planning has always been a challenging profession. There are so many moving parts to account for to ensure a successful event. In these new times of physical distancing, event planners have had to find new, creative ways to deliver meaningful experiences – even if they aren’t in-person. Virtual events are becoming more and more popular, […]

Professional development during a pandemic

May 11

Keeping up with professional development during a pandemic, or any time really, is not a one-size-fits-all situation. While many professionals are shifting to focus more on professional development during this time, figuring how much is too much and what’s a good fit can be tricky. Some people may rejoice in the increase of online opportunities […]