Writing a year in review doesn’t have to be daunting

Jan 11

As we settle into 2021 – what a wild ride it’s been so far – government leaders at all levels are preparing for speeches and reports that recap the past year and outline what’s to come. This task can be intimidating. After all, how in the world can you summarize 12 months’ worth of successes, […]

Is the communications field the right choice for you?

Jan 4

Like most of us, my holiday traditions were modified this year in order to help protect the health and safety of friends and family. Instead of gathering around a packed table with loved ones, I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in front of a laptop screen celebrating the holidays virtually. After troubleshooting tech issues, […]

Shall we toss resolutions out with 2020?

Dec 28

If I measure success by adherence to my New Year’s resolutions, 2020 proved to be a mixed bag tilting toward failure. Of course, that can pretty much sum up all of 2020 for many of us. The global pandemic, social unrest and fractious national election have left us reeling – and that’s just for starters. […]

Being a gift to others may be easier than we think

Dec 21

Teamwork isn’t just for the sports field or the workplace – 2020 has shown we need to work together in all aspects of our lives. A big part of teamwork is the give and take of gifting our time and talent, with perhaps a little bit of treasure sprinkled in. In this season of gift […]

A beginner’s guide to website analytics

Dec 14

Website analytics help you better understand your audience, their activity on your site and how you can cater your future communications to their tendencies to maximize engagement. Analytics have evolved quite a bit from their early days and are now fairly standard for most sites. Website analytics can be difficult to understand and a bit […]

Honing your mental health into the new year

Dec 7

Focusing on mental health and self-care has never been so important. 2020 has presented us all with unimaginable challenges, impacting our emotional, psychological and social well-being. Studies have shown a rise in mental health concerns since the onset of COVID-19. This past fall, CDC findings revealed more than two in five U.S. residents report struggling […]

A pivoting guide – 2021 communication planning

Nov 30

2020 was the year of the pivot – a word I’d like to retire in 2021. We all learned very quickly how to adapt and shift gears at a rapid pace and high frequency. And while 2020 really challenged us all to get creative, it left a lot of work that might happen in a […]

New trails, drive-by gatherings and small moments of grace: Gratitude in 2020

Nov 23

As we turn the corner into Thanksgiving week, always a favorite of mine, I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude. At first blush, there doesn’t seem a lot to be grateful for in this dumpster fire of a year. Nearly 58 million people around the globe sickened by COVID-19, which has left nearly 1.4 million […]

Filming on the go: Four tips for run-and-gun video shoots

Nov 16

There are two types of video shoots: Set and run-and-gun. Set shoots give you time to create a set, adjust lighting and perfectly frame your subjects. Run-and-gun shoots require you to stay on your toes, move between locations and capture moments that quickly pass by. Most of the videos I’ve made are set shoots that […]

Communicating During Now Precedented Times

Nov 9

The frequent press conferences have returned, health guidelines and recommendations are tightening and we’re seeing an influx of board games in my Amazon cart. Gov. Whitmer and Dr. Joneigh Khaldun recently shared Michigan is currently experiencing more than five times the number of cases from September as well as all-time highs of confirmed cases every […]