A multi-platform approach to constituent communications

Sep 21

With Election Day right around the corner, municipalities around the country are in the process of communicating voting information so constituents are well informed before casting their ballots on Nov. 3. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and more states utilizing no-reason absentee voting, there have been a lot of questions surrounding the voting process for […]

My HubSpot Academy experience: why you should try online learning

Sep 14

Building an inbound social media strategy. Exploring the intersection of race, culture and communications. Taking media monitoring to the next level. Marketing in uncertain times. These are all topics I’ve been diving into over the past six months through professional development opportunities. Since I joined Sabo PR more than two years ago, I’ve been wanting […]

Social Media: When in Doubt, be a Resource

Sep 8

If your organization is looking to up its social media game, you’ve likely researched best practices online, perhaps even from our blog. Earlier this summer, we wrote a great piece about organizational tips for becoming a social media pro. A common conundrum we often hear is that organizations want to post more on social but […]

Lessons learned from a brand launch gone sideways

Aug 31

I know it’s vain, but as I inch a little older each year, I have started to worry about wrinkles. In my quest for early prevention, like any millennial, I turned to YouTube to see what I could discover. Turns out, there is a huge skincare community out there – and the facts and ingredient […]

Muscle memory: The critical importance of training for crisis response

Aug 24

“Okay, we need a media statement.” And with that, the training exercise my team and I were filming for the Gerald R. Ford International Airport expanded to include – me and my team. Requests from clients for media statements are a daily occurrence at Sabo PR. During our current global pandemic, that’s shifted to hourly […]

Owning Your Owned Media

Aug 17

Times are strange to say the least and, although we’d prefer COVID-19 to be a virus of the past, times are going to remain strange for a while longer. I’m honestly half expecting locusts at this point. It’s during these times, however, that focusing on your owned media, the communication channels you created and have […]

Six photo-editing tools that will transform your photos from good to great

Aug 10

For some photographers, editing photos is a tedious task. Personally, I love editing because it allows me to add an extra layer of creativity and tweak photos so they look just like I imagined when I pressed the shutter button. Plus, I find it oddly relaxing. We’d all like to shoot photos that look perfect […]

Driving DE&I change in this moment – and beyond

Aug 3

Say what you mean and mean what you say. When you distill all the advice that’s out there about what to do and say to make a difference during these transformational moments in society, that’s what it comes down to. We must be direct and honest about these issues and behave in a way that […]

Preparation is key: Learning mise en place

Jul 27

This Sunday afternoon, I decided to get a head start on food for the week as I was feeling in a culinary mood. I just picked up Samin Nosrat’s Salt. Fat. Heat. Acid., which is a superb read for any cooking enthusiast, and it inspired me to get out my wooden spoon after a few […]

Election season 2020: Constant change requires constant communication

Jul 20

With so much focus centered on COVID-19 and racial injustice in our country, the 2020 election season has been under the microscope far less than most anticipated. The Aug. 4 Michigan state primary is a couple weeks away, and for some municipalities, this is their third election of the year. Each one has brought its […]