Agency life vs. in-house: What I’ve learned so far

Oct 21

It’s amazing how much time flies when you’re having fun…and when you have a lot on your plate. Last week, I pulled up my calendar to schedule an appointment, looked at the date and realized I have been on the Sabo PR team for six months. My experience working at an agency has been an […]

Improving Balance Between Work and Home Life

Oct 14

What does balance mean to you? “Public relations executive” was ranked No. 8 on the list of the top 10 most stressful jobs in 2019. It’s preceded by newspaper reporter, event coordinator, broadcaster, airline pilot and a few emergency services positions. It might be surprising to some, but when you look at the nature of […]

Your story starts here: Owning your narrative

Oct 7

As I prepare to meet my biological half-sister this weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about stories. Stories play a crucial role in our lives from the time we are born. If we’re lucky, we have nurturing parents who read bedtime stories to us at night. My parents did, and I can trace my lifelong […]

Step One: Know your stakeholders

Sep 30

When jumping into a writing project, we often start by determining the goals of the piece, what message we are trying to convey, what length it should be and how it will be distributed – all wonderful and important background to know when drafting any form of content. However, an even more important step should […]

The best crisis counsel I can give: Just stop talking

Sep 23

When faced with a bet-the-farm crisis, sometimes the best advice is also the hardest to follow: Just stop talking. The recent dethroning of the now-fired Augustin Arbulu is a case in point. In early August, an inquiry showed the former director of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission had created a ‘hostile work environment’ with derogatory […]

What’s in a Name?

Sep 16

  What’s in a name? A lot, actually. Contrary to Juliet’s long-winded and desperate rant about Romeo’s separation from being a Montague — it’s okay, we’ve all been dramatic teenagers — there is actually quite a significant tie between a name and one’s identity. While of course not everyone likes their birth name and goes […]

Lessons Learned After Picking Up My First Camera

Sep 9

I remember stopping in a camera store a few years ago, picking up a camera and thinking to myself: “This thing has a lot of knobs and buttons…and most of them aren’t labeled.” This happened shortly after I decided I wanted to step up my photography game from an iPhone to something a little more […]

PR Pros Have an Advantage in the Wedding Planning Process

Sep 3

Wedding planning is not an easy feat for any human being out there, but I will say that being in the public relations field has its advantages when it comes to being able to pull off a successful celebration. If it weren’t for lessons learned in my communications training and event planning experience, I might […]

Are Our National Leaders Setting a Bad Example for How to Behave?

Aug 27

Have you ever posted something on social media you regretted? Maybe a Tweet or Facebook post? Maybe you’ve even lashed out in anger – or in person? Social media is a huge part of our lives today. Nearly my entire job relies on computers, so I see a lot of questionable things posted on social […]

In Praise of Praise

Aug 19

Almost every Saturday, I make a business deposit at Macatawa Bank. The 9 a.m. to noon hours are a convenience to me but I know how they carve up an otherwise perfectly good weekend day for tellers. A couple of years ago, I thanked one of the tellers for giving up part of her Saturday […]