Communicating in the Age of COVID-19: How Can Municipalities Improve?

Jul 27

Over the past 16 months, it’s become increasingly clear that municipalities, government agencies and healthcare systems are essential sources of vital information for community members. I’ve spent the past two years in Southwest Michigan, most recently at a county health department. Public health has been underfunded for years. Local health departments work with minimal staff […]

Key considerations for a smooth and successful press conference

Jul 19

Mary Ann, Brian, Hunter and I wrapped up yet another successful event for the Ford Airport nearly two weeks ago. This time, the Ford Airport team broke ground on a new operations center that will relocate and enhance the current facility, which essentially serves as the Airport’s lifeline. Cool stuff, I know. Funnily enough, around […]

The struggle is real: Back to the office we go

Jul 12

Today is the first day the Sabo PR team is back in the office since the pandemic began, and I am equal parts excited and apprehensive. Excited for all the reasons you would expect – great to see one another in person after 16 months, a return to a routine we took for granted, being […]

Know before you need

Jul 2

As a business owner, I strive to support the organizations Sabo PR represents. I fly exclusively through the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. I shop and dine at Woodland Mall and with the other retailers and restaurants we represent through the Gaslight Village Business Association. I depend on Warner Norcross + Judd for our legal […]

PR is Not Always Digital

Jun 28

Most of us rely heavily on the internet and computers or smart devices to help us stay informed and communicate with others. In many ways, digital communication has been a great step forward to make our lives easier. Messages are instant, websites and social media feeds offer unlimited space to provide the latest updates, and […]

Lessons Learned by a PR ‘Newcomer’

Jun 21

When I graduated from Central Michigan University, I wasn’t one of the lucky students who already had a job lined up. I was still searching for the right opportunity and wasn’t so sure where I’d land. I eventually found my footing in agency life — a career path I’ve grown to really love. One thing […]

The reward of awards

Jun 14

We write for and about awards a LOT at Sabo PR. Rarely a week goes by when we’re not submitting a nomination, ghostwriting an application or developing a media release to announce one client award or another. Over the past year, we’ve helped clients earn local, state, regional, national and professional honors for excellence, innovation […]

Adobe Lightroom basics

Jun 7

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate some Adobe Lightroom basics. Let me know if you’d like to see more Lightroom video tutorials – I’d be happy to make more.

Tips for Segmenting Your Email Marketing Audience

Jun 1

“If you learn only one thing during my class, it’s that you need to get the right message to the right people at the right time.” Famous words of one of my favorite advertising professors at GVSU spoken nearly every class period. I took three of his courses during my college career, so his motto […]

Return to the office: Create a plan that works for your team

May 24

As Michigan clears the way for vaccinated workers to return to their offices beginning today, my team and I are starting this Monday as we have for the last 14 months – from our home offices. Not because we haven’t taken the shot – thankfully, all of us are fully vaccinated. Not because we’ve given […]