The reward of awards

Jun 14

We write for and about awards a LOT at Sabo PR. Rarely a week goes by when we’re not submitting a nomination, ghostwriting an application or developing a media release to announce one client award or another. Over the past year, we’ve helped clients earn local, state, regional, national and professional honors for excellence, innovation […]

Adobe Lightroom basics

Jun 7

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate some Adobe Lightroom basics. Let me know if you’d like to see more Lightroom video tutorials – I’d be happy to make more.

Tips for Segmenting Your Email Marketing Audience

Jun 1

“If you learn only one thing during my class, it’s that you need to get the right message to the right people at the right time.” Famous words of one of my favorite advertising professors at GVSU spoken nearly every class period. I took three of his courses during my college career, so his motto […]

Return to the office: Create a plan that works for your team

May 24

As Michigan clears the way for vaccinated workers to return to their offices beginning today, my team and I are starting this Monday as we have for the last 14 months – from our home offices. Not because we haven’t taken the shot – thankfully, all of us are fully vaccinated. Not because we’ve given […]

Inclusive language matters for all organizations

May 17

Organizations these days face what feels like an impossible feat: cut through all the noise to communicate to as many people as possible effectively and efficiently. One way they can accomplish this is by doing a quick audit of the words and phrases they use when communicating with various stakeholders. The idea is to look […]

Social Media Ads: Are They Worth the Money?

May 10

You’ve likely come across social media posts from accounts you don’t follow, but the content still seems to be interesting. These are known as sponsored social media posts or paid ads. Organizers of these posts have invested money to get their content in front of you and others who fit certain demographics they want to […]

Supportive then and now – Sabo PR’s culture three years in

May 3

From my first week to now, three years later, Sabo PR’s corporate culture has impressed me. While a lot has changed in the time I’ve been with the firm, I’m proud we’ve remained a cohesive team. We’ve had clients and team members come and go. We’ve changed offices. And now, we’re going on more than […]

Listen to your stakeholders

Apr 26

I recently wrapped up a communication audit for a client. Through the audit, we shared an analysis of the organization’s current communications situation along with recommendations as it moves forward. While this was a long process, involving nearly 15 interviews, hours of locking myself away (a special thank you to the Sabo PR team) and […]

What is your personal brand?

Apr 19

The call came a few Saturdays ago, late morning. “Hate to bother you on the weekend,” said the COO, “but I expect you’re used to it. We have an issue.” A phone call later, I reached out to Amy for additional crisis management support. Together, we hammered out a communications strategy, then began dividing tasks […]

How the Pandemic Made Me a Better Communicator

Apr 12

After getting through the tidal wave of pandemic communications that enveloped our team through spring and early summer last year, it was clear COVID-19 wasn’t going away any time soon. This, of course, presented our next challenge: sharing our clients’ good work tastefully and respectfully as the world kept turning and humanity tried to keep […]