Chiara Licari Joins Sabo PR

Nov 12

Chiara Licari has joined Sabo PR, a full-service communication firm, as an associate. Licari joins Sabo PR with a background in writing and has done work for a number of local nonprofit organizations. As the newest member of the Sabo PR team, Licari will assist clients with social and digital initiatives, event management, graphic design, […]

Slow it Down

Nov 9

It’s been a brisk fall so far at Sabo PR. We’ve added new clients, promoted and added team members, looked for new office space and dealt with multiple crises, not to mention the bevy of other projects we are managing. It seems like there are many-a-day when we get to the end and can barely […]

Sabo PR Promotes Brianna Peña to Associate

Nov 8

Sabo PR has promoted Brianna Peña to associate. Since joining the full-service communications firm in the spring, Peña has taken on additional communication responsibilities with key clients, including Plainfield Charter Township, the city of Wyoming, Children’s Healing Center, Gaslight Village Business Association, Kent County Dispatch Authority and others. She also assisted in staging a successful […]

The adrenalin of send: An ode to John Waller and Nancy Crawley

Nov 5

The call came early Saturday morning as I was driving to the bank: Missing teen found safe. Would I help get a news release out to the media? Absolutely. Within 12 minutes, I had drafted a brief release, reviewed it with the public safety director, pulled the appropriate media list and shipped the wonderful news […]

Sabo PR Promotes Brian Greenleaf to Managing Director

Nov 1

Sabo PR, LLC has promoted Brian Greenleaf to managing director. In his new role, Greenleaf will lead the firm’s growing municipal practice, which provides communications support to municipalities in West and Southwest Michigan. He will also take on a larger leadership role in the day-to-day management of Sabo PR, including additional responsibilities with writing and […]

How to keep up on current events without going crazy

Oct 29

Keeping an eye on the news is part of my job. If you asked me about a current event or something going on in our community, chances are I know about it – maybe even a lot about it. I’m running into more and more people who don’t watch the news daily or don’t know […]

Reviews can be scary. Here’s what you can do to make them a bit more bearable.

Oct 22

Reviews can be intimidating—even a bit scary, if you will. You might be a great employee with a strong work ethic and team-player attitude. You might move through your to-do list quickly and charm your clients and customers. You might be self-motivated and aim to exceed expectations. You might be all of these things, but […]

Wasp spray and air horns: Why everyone needs a crisis plan

Oct 15

“It’s really quiet in here.” Those words broke the concentration of a late afternoon two Fridays ago – and have upended the equilibrium of our office since. They were spoken by a prospective client, who was 45 minutes – and a month or so – late for our introductory meeting. Actually, I was expecting his […]

Chronicles of a New Homeowner (Continued)

Oct 8

Three months ago (first of all, wow, three months have passed?!), I shared the unfortunate missteps we took during the beginning of our home renovation projects, in particular the process of painting. It took two weeks of paint, sweat and tears to redo the ceiling, just the ceiling, one of many projects involved in our […]

Communicating: America vs. Europe

Oct 1

There are thousands of languages spoken across the world. I recently had the opportunity to experience five of them over the course of two weeks. This past month, I took off for a two-week European holiday basked in the promise of good food, culture and excitement. While overseas, I visited five different countries, which meant […]