How to Stay Motivated When You Have Vacation Brain

Mar 19

I’ve got vacation on the brain. In just four days, I’ll be on a plane to sunny Florida—and then on a ship cruising through Mexico. I’ve already booked my excursions and thought about all of the excitement and downtime this one-of-a-kind adventure will offer. I get to swim with dolphins (a bucket list item), snorkel […]

Lend a Hand

Mar 12

“Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless students standing up for their right to be safe; marching and organizing to remake the world as it should be. We’ve been waiting for you. And we’ve got your backs.” So read Barak Obama’s tweet […]

Skip the spin. Work on building trust, instead.

Mar 5

When I tell people I work in public relations, I often get “oh, you’re the spin guy.” I must admit, I just cringe when I hear this. Admittedly, before I fell into the PR world, I think I had the same perception of what our industry does. But the thing is, good PR is the […]

Social contracts: An agreement on teamwork

Feb 26

How do you differentiate your organization from your competition? That’s a key question we face daily with all our corporate, municipal and nonprofit clients. While you might argue that cities, townships and charities don’t have traditional competitors, they and all our business clients work hard to be THE choice – whether a customer is buying […]

Acting Presidential: Leadership Tips From Our Past Leaders

Feb 19

Today is Presidents Day – a day in which we honor the 45 leaders of our country. Regardless if you love him or hate him, the commander-in-chief has a difficult job. He has been tasked with leading the country in times of war and peace. The president is often required to navigate scandals, big or […]

Want a Good Company Culture? Be a Decent Human Being.

Feb 12

When you consider how many years we will work, I’m pretty early on in my career. I’ve got five years of being an active participant in the working world under my belt, along with an additional year of internships that gave me a taste of what it’d be like to be a professional. So – […]

VLOG – Moving the camera

Feb 5

In today’s video blog, our photographer/videographer T.J.​ breaks down the different kinds of camera movement and the gear he uses to accomplish those smooth camera moves for our client’s videos.

Count to Four

Jan 29

At a recent yoga class, the instructor began the session by introducing us to a breathing practice. For the next five minutes, we breathed in for four, held for five and exhaled for six. After several minutes, we began to stretch up and out into the familiar utkatasana and downward dog. For the next hour, as we […]

Facebook Changes + Best Practices

Jan 22

Facebook recently made a huge announcement that could affect how brands are viewed in the newsfeed. In a post, Mark Zuckerberg shared that the primary change will be in what content is displayed in your newsfeed. Content from friends, family and groups will be given priority over passive, branded content. This doesn’t mean that brands […]

Access for Sale?

Jan 15

I’ve left a couple of emails from Crain’s Detroit Business hang around in my in-box for the past few weeks because I have not known quite what to do with them. The storied Detroit business weekly is ditching its traditional subscription model as “too transactional, too distant” in favor of a membership model that promises […]