Event Planning for Beginners

Sep 17

Planning an event for the first time can be overwhelming. Between the venue, food, entertainment or speakers, there are a lot of moving parts – and each one has the possibility to go horribly wrong. I started helping plan events for my sorority during my sophomore year of college. We had a skeleton plan from […]

Professional Development: Why It’s Important and How You Can Do It

Sep 10

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” An author dedicated to helping people learn once said the above statement—but you don’t need to be a professor, teacher or education expert to value and understand the significant impact learning can have on your career, your experiences and your life. […]

Jump in the pond!

Sep 4

Last week, I did something I try and avoid in media relations: I positioned a new employee with one of our clients for a live television interview. Sara was game, which I appreciated. She was also knowledgeable, conversational and available despite the early hour, all of which I require. After 20 minutes of phone coaching, […]

When one door closes…

Aug 27

You’ve found it — the dream job. Perhaps you weren’t really looking, and yet an unexpected opportunity presented itself. Or you’ve had enough of it — a nightmare workplace, and there weren’t growth opportunities available. Amid changes in your company or in your personal life, you’ve come to the realization this is no longer where […]

Managing post-vacation email without ruining a Monday

Aug 20

I returned to work this morning to face 448 emails, most of them unopened. That’s the price you pay after unplugging for a few days of much-needed R&R. My team was, as always, wonderful about triaging issues and running with projects in my absence, blocking and tackling so I could truly enjoy a few work-free […]

Another Update?

Aug 13

If you work in the world of communications, two things are certain: You will spend a lot of time on your phone and social media will change constantly – even the way that people utilize the platforms continues to change. It can be hard to keep up – that’s why you have Sabo PR. Facebook […]

Saying “no” with grace

Aug 6

I shipped my blog to Brian to edit yesterday, as I do every time I’m up to bat, and this morning received the gentlest “no” I have heard in a long time. Brian wrote: “I think this was well written and very funny. However, I am struggling a bit because ….” He continued with: “I […]

Keeping Calm Under Pressure

Jul 30

A to-do list is an amazing thing. It helps you organize and prioritize, and it (usually) leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of the day when you get to cross off the tasks you’ve completed. It allows you to see the exciting opportunities you have to wear more hats in the workplace, juggle more […]

The SPR team is looking for a communications pro

Jul 26

Sabo PR is looking for a communications pro to join our growing team. This position will be embedded half-time in the offices of one of our clients and half time working on a variety of engaging communications projects for our corporate, nonprofit, municipal and education clients. Our agency has a strong culture of being client-focused, […]

Rumors, rants – and responsibilities

Jul 23

There’s no doubt social media is powerful: this weekend, it allowed me to mourn the death of a 10-year-old, welcome the birth of a first grandchild, plan lunch with out-of-town friends and share the 60thanniversary celebration of my in-laws – all without leaving my couch. Social media makes it easy – sometimes too easy – […]