Corporate culture in a word

Aug 14

Can you describe your workplace culture in one word? Probably not. Whether you work in a setting that lifts you up or crushes your soul or somewhere inbetween, you likely require more words to tackle the subject of culture. At least I did recently during a phone interview with a candidate for our open communications […]

Drones – Dos and Don’ts

Aug 7

Got a drone? Awesome! Before you launch it and start flying, be aware once the drone is airborne, you could be entering a highly regulated federal airspace that could have financial and legal consequences if you aren’t where you are supposed to be. In addition there are multiple variables in flying a device that is […]

Blue Frosting: A Six-Month Reflection

Jul 31

Six months into my time at Sabo PR, I find myself reflecting on the many things I’ve learned. While each day presents itself with new challenges and countless opportunities to hone the fine art of communication, there are a few statements I recall from my first days that continue to ring true. Blue Frosting and […]

Be Thankful When the Customer Complains

Jul 24

No one likes to hear complaining – especially from customers. It’s something every industry experiences whether you’re in food service, manufacturing, health care or even public relations. No matter how stellar you think your service is, eventually, someone is going to complain. I once attended a “Complaint Seminar,” (yes, something like this exists) and the […]

Gearing Up For Year-End Giving

Jul 17

There are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S. – that’s a lot of people doing good work. And all that good work needs funding – most often through fundraising. It may be the height of summer, but nonprofits around the country are starting to plan for their year-end giving campaigns. At […]

“PR, huh?”

Jul 10

Upon telling people I work in public relations, the inevitable next question goes something along the lines of, “So what does that mean?” or “What does a typical day look like?” While I often respond with something vague and oversimplified, like “Everyday looks different, but whatever our clients’ need!” the truth is, the giant umbrella […]

What If the Customer Isn’t Right?

Jul 3

My husband and I were having dinner last night at a lovely seafood restaurant in Columbus, Ohio when we witnessed one of the worst displays of boorishness I’ve seen in years. A diner at the table next to ours berated the server – loudly – for a full 10 minutes when his steak came out […]

It’s a bird? It’s a plane? … It’s a drone!

Jun 26

  I’ve always dreamed about being a pilot. While working in video for the last few years I was seduced in gaining footage from the skies above, capturing beautiful buttery smooth camera moves that only a drone could provide. It started when I was at Fox 17 four years ago when I covered a story […]

If Emily Post Worked in PR

Jun 19

If the sage guru of etiquette and manners worked in PR, I think she would dedicate an entire chapter to the art of the press release. Exacting and straightforward, a release can be a powerful tool to communicate with your audience. Unfortunately, it is also an area primed for faux pas. At Sabo PR, press […]

Shazam! Surprise and delight with good customer service

Jun 12

Every Saturday morning, I read the online edition of The Grand Rapids Press, scan the headlines of the Grand Rapids Business Journal e-blast and then listen to Michigan Radio while I prepare my business bank deposit for the week. Saturday seems to be the only day I can reliably make deposits, and my longtime banking […]