It’s a bird? It’s a plane? … It’s a drone!

Jun 26

  I’ve always dreamed about being a pilot. While working in video for the last few years I was seduced in gaining footage from the skies above, capturing beautiful buttery smooth camera moves that only a drone could provide. It started when I was at Fox 17 four years ago when I covered a story […]

If Emily Post Worked in PR

Jun 19

If the sage guru of etiquette and manners worked in PR, I think she would dedicate an entire chapter to the art of the press release. Exacting and straightforward, a release can be a powerful tool to communicate with your audience. Unfortunately, it is also an area primed for faux pas. At Sabo PR, press […]

Shazam! Surprise and delight with good customer service

Jun 12

Every Saturday morning, I read the online edition of The Grand Rapids Press, scan the headlines of the Grand Rapids Business Journal e-blast and then listen to Michigan Radio while I prepare my business bank deposit for the week. Saturday seems to be the only day I can reliably make deposits, and my longtime banking […]

In Case of Emergency

Jun 5

“Scene’s hot!” yelled the police officer. I steadied my hand as I knew the gunfire would start soon. The first crack of the blank made me wince. “Drop your weapon! Get on the ground!” Not every day at Sabo PR requires a neon orange vest and safety glasses, but today’s accoutrement came courtesy of Kentwood’s […]

Active shooter training: In the middle of it all

Jun 5

Two police officers with guns drawn stood above me. Adrenaline was high as voices shouted. It really felt I was in the middle of an active shooter situation. Wearing protective body armor and a face mask (thankfully), I was crouched on the floor against a post when suddenly two Kentwood Police officers were rushing towards […]

LTAC 8: It’s not about the competition

May 30

Last week, we held the 8th Annual Legacy Trust Award Collection, an event that is particularly near and dear to my heart. We hired Breann Fuller as our intern for the semester to assist with the planning and execution of LTAC, among other responsibilities. She wrote the following guest blog for us about the experience. […]

10 Rules for Communication Civility

May 15

During a strategic planning meeting for a municipal client, the facilitator posed the question: “What are your strengths as a team?” One of the council members responded: “We have a sense of civility and respect towards each other.” And I thought, “How nice is that?” And then I thought, “It’s a bit sad that we […]

Don’t forget the humanity

May 8

When I was a reporter at The Grand Rapids Press, I covered a lot of crisis situations – and have since realized that I may have been perceived as the cause of a few. During my tenure on the business desk, I reported on union drives, embezzlements, shareholder unrest, plant closings, CEO ousters, bankruptcy filings, […]

Infographics: More than just bar charts and clip art

May 1

“The goal is to transform data into information, and information into insight.” Carly Fiorni, President of Hewlett Packard 1999-2005   Business is becoming more data driven. Chances are your consumers or clients love data, too – as evidenced by the rising popularity of infographics. Some think infographics are easy – all you do is slap […]

Press Events 101

Apr 24

Earlier this month, Sabo PR helped the Kent County Dispatch Authority host a press event for their announcement of Smart911™. Another week, another press event, right? Not quite. Weeks prior to the event, team Sabo had carefully planned every detail of the press event. From sugar cookie favors to labeled name tags, everything had been […]