Michaela Eagan Joins Sabo PR as Associate

Feb 20

Grand Rapids, Michigan, February 20, 2017 – Michaela Eagan has joined Sabo PR, a full-service communication firm, as an associate. Eagan joins Sabo PR with a background in strategic marketing and public relations and has worked for a range of both commercial and nonprofit organizations. As the newest member of the Sabo PR team, Eagan […]

Mom Always Wins… Or Do I?

Feb 20

My son, Mayer, loves the Fisher-Price Little People cartoon. On our drive home, I willingly hand over my phone to save myself from the pure hell of his ear-piercing screams. He’s happy. I’m happy. That is a win. On the other hand, my husband doesn’t allow him to play with his phone, ever. Ergo he […]

Tying shoes and writing press releases

Feb 13

During Friday’s strategic planning session, one of our team asked me to develop a process for press releases. I paused for a minute, wondering if we truly needed one. After all, Sabo PR lives and breathes press releases, and everyone on our team knows what’s involved, right? But then I remembered Deward and his shoe. […]

Yes, you do need a social media policy – yesterday

Feb 6

The call came last week as it often does – over lunch, the client a little frazzled, the request immediate: Someone’s posting ugly comments on our Facebook page. My response, as it always is – we’re on it, we’ll take a look right now, send us your social media policy. Silence. We don’t have a […]

Live Streaming Makes Business Personal

Jan 30

Oh, the Godfather. It’s safe to say that although the motto, “It’s not personal; it’s business” holds merit in a variety of cut-and-dry, black-and-white business dealings but it cannot be said for social media. The increasing popularity of Facebook live, Periscope and similar live-streaming platforms has effectively laid that horse’s head to rest. The creation […]

600K+ Steps Forward

Jan 23

A 17-year-old’s perspective on the Women’s March on Washington.  We got off the metro at Judiciary Square, in the heart of downtown D.C. Immediately I felt the energy in the crowd. With the arrival of each new train, the men and women on the platform erupted into welcoming whoops and hollers. I was a taken […]

Fourteen truths for our 14th anniversary

Jan 16

Last Friday, my team and I celebrated the 14th anniversary of Sabo PR in quintessential Grand Rapids fashion – with Cottage burgers, beers and conversation. The veteran reporters at the table regaled the younger members of the team with tales of the good ol’ days of print journalism – shouts of “copy boy!” in the […]

30 years and still learning

Jan 8

Experience is the best teacher.  And 30 years is enough time for a lot of lessons. When I dip into my camera bag for tips I’ve learned in my rewarding career as a photojournalist, here are a few of my favorites.  The camera is a tool – brand doesn’t matter I’ve worked with Nikon cameras […]

It’s a New Year – Time to Get Organized!

Jan 2

It’s come to that time of the year. You know the one – where we all reflect back on the previous year and make hard-to-keep promises for the upcoming year. I know you’ve said it before “I’m going to do this or change that and make this next year THE BEST ONE YET.” If you’re […]

Trusting Your Linguistics Doppelgängers

Dec 26

  How would she say that? Will they struggle with the pronunciation? Oh, I’m not sure I told that in the right order. Does that even sound like him? These simple yet common questions haunt ghostwriters, leading them down the path of discovery as they identify the voice and tone of a client. Out of […]