You did what?! Cell phone-free for two weeks

May 20

I’ve just returned from what will go down in history as one of my favorite all-time vacations. Not only were the destinations (Ireland and Spain) and the travel companions (my husband and three of my dearest friends) exceptional, I was able to leave my cell phone behind for two blissful weeks. Heaven. Absolute heaven. The […]

The One Where Everything is Organized

May 13

I’ve always been one to enjoy organizing. Perhaps it’s the Monica Geller in me, but nothing is more satisfying than when everything is tucked away exactly where it’s supposed to be, labeled and cross-referenced. Bonus if it’s also made to look aesthetically pleasing. In light of the iconic Friends character as well as the recent […]

Hunter Zuk Joins Sabo PR as Associate

May 6

Grand Rapids, Michigan, May 6, 2019 – Sabo PR, a full-service communications firm based in Grand Rapids, welcomes Hunter Zuk as an associate. Zuk joins Sabo PR with a background in strategic communications planning, branding, marketing, design and event planning, with experience working in both corporate and nonprofit settings. As the latest addition to the […]

Lights, Camera, Action! 3 Reasons Your Brand Should Be Using Video

May 6

This past weekend, I was tasked with moving a couch out of my apartment. The only problem was, I couldn’t remember how to remove the section to fit it through the door. Without a thought, I searched YouTube for videos on how to take a part couches — all while the assembly manual was sitting […]

Three Tips for Writing Great Quotes for Press Releases

Apr 29

There is no shortage of press releases to write in my world, and that often means I do a bit of ghostwriting quotes, too. It can be challenging to come up with something new and inspiring every time. It’s easy to fall into the same old generic: “[Company name] is delighted/honored/thrilled to collaborate/announce/launch [insert initiative […]

Basically, You Need a Degree in “Everything” to Do PR

Apr 22

I’ve been at Sabo PR full-time for almost a year – on top of six months as an intern. Of all the things I have learned while I’ve been here it’s that public relations professionals will need to learn a little bit of everything to be successful. The other day, Brian and I were designing […]

Unlike Mother Nature, Communications Should be Consistent

Apr 15

I live on the sixth floor of an apartment building, and one of my favorite parts is that we’re in the middle of very large, leafy, old trees. In the summer, it feels like I live in a treehouse. Typically, around this time, there would be little buds coming out of the tree – the […]

Kickboxing or cocktails? Networking 101

Apr 8

In the past month, we’ve had three very nice at-bats from referral sources. Two were from connections made more than two decades ago. Two have resulted in projects, and I have great hope on a third success, although the jury is still deliberating. All this activity has gotten me thinking about networking – why we […]

An Old Man’s Advice to Young (and Well-Seasoned) Professionals

Apr 1

If you know me at all, you know firstly, that I am not the old man this blog’s title refers to, and secondly, that the Harry Potter series has been instrumental to my continuing growth — yes, even still today. To some, the story seems a drawn-out fairy tale but to me, it will always […]

This letter could change a life: The power of internal communications

Mar 25

A cartoon in the Sunday Grand Rapids Press caught my eye yesterday: Hieroglyphics that pictured a teenager slicing a stone to create a tablet, then chiseling words into it before sealing it into an envelope and mailing it. The caption in the eighth panel? Friend: You sent a handwritten note? Was it weird? Response: Dude, […]