Access for Sale?

Jan 15

I’ve left a couple of emails from Crain’s Detroit Business hang around in my in-box for the past few weeks because I have not known quite what to do with them. The storied Detroit business weekly is ditching its traditional subscription model as “too transactional, too distant” in favor of a membership model that promises […]

Just Another Day at the “Office”

Jan 9

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. All of us in the marketing, public relations, communications world – we’re really lucky. Sure – we’re lucky because our jobs are exciting. We get to wear many different hats and we never quite know which one we’ll need at any given moment. We’re lucky because […]

What’s in store for 2018?

Jan 2

Last week, we tore down December 2017 from the giant calendar that hangs on our wall. It’s our information hub – housing important deadline, client events, project meetings and vacation time. As we took it down, we did a little cheer that 2017 was coming to a close. Not that it was a bad year; […]

When Cold Calls Make You Break into a Hot Sweat

Dec 26

Would you rather endure 100 paper cuts soaked in vinegar than making a few cold calls? Does the phrase “cold call” make you break into a cold sweat? Me too. I hate cold calling. I had a sales position in college and often had to call people to solicit for money—it was the worst. I’m […]

A Blue Christmas

Dec 18

Christmas time is here as well as the usual uptick in activity. The flurry of parties and shopping bags in preparation never bothered me as a child, yet as I get older I understand why adults always said it can be stressful. A quick perusal of magazines or the Internet has turned up five separate […]

Now serving: Crisis 90

Dec 11

Back in January, when the potential of 2017 glittered optimistically before us, I decided to start tracking the crisis work we do. It was almost an afterthought to ask the team to guesstimate how many crises we might handle this year. I nearly had to pick myself up from our cow-skin rug when 242 was […]

Loving what you do: taking the good with the bad and embracing it

Dec 4

I’m going to be honest, it’s been a week. And now at 6 p.m. on Friday, I’m still tying up loose ends when I’d rather be settling into a glass of vino. But you know what? That’s OK. Earlier this week, I met with two college students who are currently interning at a local media […]

The Case for the Paper Planner

Nov 27

In today’s world, there are endless apps and online programs to help keep us organized. I admit if I didn’t have those 15-minute reminders in Outlook, I would be late to many meetings. I’m grateful for so many technological advances that help keep my professional and personal life organized. However, I still use an old-fashioned, […]

The 90 Days That Stand Between You and Your Dream Job

Nov 20

You’ve spent four long years at college, pulling all-nighters to meet deadlines and preparing for class presentations. Graduation is upon you, and you’re ready to join the real-world as a working adult. The world is officially your oyster, and you’re looking forward to landing that dream job, and starting while the high from graduation is […]

Email: It’s a love-hate relationship

Nov 13

I got my first email account in 1987 when my tech-savvy older brother found a way for us to stay connected, even though I was working in North Carolina and he was in Ohio. Beyond the fact that we relied on CompuServe, I remember little of that initial experience – other than the fact it […]