Stats, Polls and Other Riotous Topics

Oct 16

If you’ve sat around a conference table chatting about a project with your fellow creatives, you understand the energy that comes from sharing ideas with like-impassioned people. The distinct high of a productive brainstorm and renewed energy around an innovative product can be oh so rewarding. However, if you’ve sat in these rooms long enough, […]

Thinking of Jumping the Social Media Ship?

Oct 9

Just make sure your audience is jumping with you Numerous news outlets are reporting that young people are less likely to use to Facebook, like THIS. And it’s true. Teenagers are instead opting for Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Honestly, I can see the appeal. The trend has many brands scrambling to snag a handle and […]

Shoeshines and subpoenas: Comm advice from the professionals

Oct 2

 When two companies decided to partner on trade show booths at several annual conferences, a marketing friend of mine remembers being less than confident with the idea: setting up a shoeshine stand. He shared that he was shocked at how much space the shoeshine stand gobbled up inside their booth at the first conference, which […]

Our friends at Woodland Mall continue to grow!

Sep 28

Torrid at Woodland Mall to Host Grand Opening Saturday LUSH Plans Grand Reopening in October, Woodland Expects Additional Expansions, Store Moves After the Holiday Season Grand Rapids, Michigan, September 28, 2017 – Torrid, a new retailer at Woodland Mall, will host a grand opening event on Saturday, Sept. 30 at 10 a.m. Torrid, a retail […]

Katelyn Crain Joins Sabo PR as Associate

Sep 26

Katelyn Crain has joined Sabo PR, a full-service communication firm, as an associate. Crain brings a solid background in strategic marketing, content development and public relations, with experience working in both an agency and educational setting to her new role with the Grand Rapids-based agency. As the newest member of the Sabo PR team, Crain […]

A Steinway in Bergen

Sep 25

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Norway. While I had fantastic time, there’s nothing quite like a trip to another country to really make you consider communication in a whole new light. Many Norwegians learn English in school, and I was able to communicate with nearly everyone, Cab drivers, baristas, […]

Going Live

Sep 18

As social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have developed live recording, it has been common for anyone to simply grab their cellphone and start rolling during an event. The results are usually a shaky picture and subpar sound. Working in broadcast I went live via satellite or captured microwave shots when I was […]

You Can’t Leave Facebook Out of the Conversation

Sep 11

In today’s world, your brand can’t skip social media. Especially when it comes to event promotions. This year, the City of Kentwood is celebrating a major milestone. The City is a half-century old and, after more than 18 months of planning, scheduled a year-long series of celebrations. Each event targeted different audiences, and we had […]

Banning the B word

Sep 5

(With apologies to Andrew Marvell)   This fall, I am banning the word busy from my vocabulary. It’s crept into my lexicon as both a catchall response and a go-to excuse – and it’s beyond time to give busy the boot. “Busy” should never be the response when friends, family or clients ask, “How are […]

What’s in T.J.’s bag

Aug 28

The right photo gear can either make or break you when it comes to capturing right moment. Great photos aren’t dependent on having the newest piece of gear on the market. However, having what works best for you make things a lot easier. Back in college during the days when film ruled, I realized I […]