And the award goes to…

Mar 18

I’d be willing to bet if you’re a West Michigan public relations professional, you’re in the midst of submitting your best work from the past year for recognition through the West Michigan Public Relations Society of America. The West Michigan Chapter’s PRoof Awards recognize practitioners who successfully used skill, creativity and resourcefulness to address a […]

Be Nice.

Mar 11

Michigan winters are cold, gray and gloomy – we rarely see the sun. In fact, in Michigan, we only see the sun 27 percent during the winter months. With that being said, lack of vitamin D can make people more irritable, sleepy and in an overall sad mood. BUT, it is not an excuse to […]

Lessons from being stranded in the U.P.

Mar 4

I recently trekked to the U.P. after my grandmother died to spend a weekend celebrating her life with my family. Sometimes, especially in the winter to avoid blizzards and other weather fiascos, I’ll drive over to Detroit, where my younger brother lives, and we’ll fly home. There is actually a daily direct flight from DTW […]

Interviewing as story-telling: Why we’ve switched to behavior-based conversations

Feb 25

A writing project in December has opened up a whole new way of interviewing prospective job candidates and shaken up our hiring process – for the better. I had been tasked with preparing a piece on behavior-based interviewing for the 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report for Warner Norcross + Judd. Now in its 13th […]

Lost in Translation: What They Can’t Teach You in College

Feb 18

Grand Valley wasn’t my first choice. It was too close to home, lacking in history and not one of the ungodly expensive universities many of my classmates were attending. The worst possible quality, however? My mom was a professor there. Naturally, I wanted out. Despite my mom’s position, I attended, and even followed her suggestion […]

Happy birthday to our social contract

Feb 11

How do you celebrate the anniversary of your social contract? With cake, of course. Today, we celebrate that important milestone at our Monday morning team meeting with cake – and conversation. Unlike some big-picture documents that linger under dust once completed (mission-vision-values-crisis plans, we’re looking at you), our social contract gets talked about a lot. […]

Staying Productive on Snow Days

Feb 4

If you’re a Michigander, there’s a good chance you were snowed in at least one day last week With record low temperatures, whiteout conditions and icy roads, it’s no surprise that many folks, including the Sabo PR team, opted to stay at home rather than venture out. Thankfully, our profession allows us flexibility and technology […]

How Are You Communicating?

Jan 28

I’ve always been one to speak my mind. Ever since I was little, the expression on my face gave away what I was feeling. I was frequently asked “what’s wrong?” and began to realize how important it was to be transparent in communicating – but maybe not in poker. Being a young, recent graduate, it’s […]

SPR is looking for a communications pro

Jan 22

Sabo PR is looking for a communications pro to join our team. To be considered, you must be a strong writer and proficient multi-tasker who has 3-5 years of professional communications experience beyond college. This position will be partially embedded with a client leading its communication efforts in addition to working on a variety of […]

Blogging for Best

Jan 21

As companies look for ways to expand their digital strategy, blogging has become an effective tool for brands to share their story and engage with their target audiences. It’s also a very misunderstood tactic. For most companies, a blog is a great tool to drive traffic to a website and encourage some sort of conversion […]