Now serving: Crisis 90

Dec 11

Back in January, when the potential of 2017 glittered optimistically before us, I decided to start tracking the crisis work we do. It was almost an afterthought to ask the team to guesstimate how many crises we might handle this year. I nearly had to pick myself up from our cow-skin rug when 242 was […]

Loving what you do: taking the good with the bad and embracing it

Dec 4

I’m going to be honest, it’s been a week. And now at 6 p.m. on Friday, I’m still tying up loose ends when I’d rather be settling into a glass of vino. But you know what? That’s OK. Earlier this week, I met with two college students who are currently interning at a local media […]

The Case for the Paper Planner

Nov 27

In today’s world, there are endless apps and online programs to help keep us organized. I admit if I didn’t have those 15-minute reminders in Outlook, I would be late to many meetings. I’m grateful for so many technological advances that help keep my professional and personal life organized. However, I still use an old-fashioned, […]

The 90 Days That Stand Between You and Your Dream Job

Nov 20

You’ve spent four long years at college, pulling all-nighters to meet deadlines and preparing for class presentations. Graduation is upon you, and you’re ready to join the real-world as a working adult. The world is officially your oyster, and you’re looking forward to landing that dream job, and starting while the high from graduation is […]

Email: It’s a love-hate relationship

Nov 13

I got my first email account in 1987 when my tech-savvy older brother found a way for us to stay connected, even though I was working in North Carolina and he was in Ohio. Beyond the fact that we relied on CompuServe, I remember little of that initial experience – other than the fact it […]

The Analog Reset Button

Nov 6

I can always count on working in analog to be like a creative reset button. I’m amazed how fast the world of digital photography is evolving. As a professional photographer, I’m constantly doing research and learning about the latest camera gear, techniques and software to give our clients the highest quality images. But sometimes I […]

Yes—Little White Lies CAN Ruin Your Reputation: The importance of Transparency

Oct 30

We have all heard it: Do what is right, not what is easy. While we are quick to give this advice, actually doing it poses difficult and sometimes awkward situations. I can say from personal experience, it’s hard to apologize first, to be honest about the terrible dinner your spouse or significant other made, or […]

How to Win Followers and Influence People

Oct 23

What is a social media influencer, exactly? If you’ve hung around any marketers in the past couple years, you’ve definitely heard this term. A social media influencer is someone who has power over your audience to make an impact on your brand or product. Some examples are bloggers, reviewers, industry experts and trusted sources. If […]

Stats, Polls and Other Riotous Topics

Oct 16

If you’ve sat around a conference table chatting about a project with your fellow creatives, you understand the energy that comes from sharing ideas with like-impassioned people. The distinct high of a productive brainstorm and renewed energy around an innovative product can be oh so rewarding. However, if you’ve sat in these rooms long enough, […]

Thinking of Jumping the Social Media Ship?

Oct 9

Just make sure your audience is jumping with you Numerous news outlets are reporting that young people are less likely to use to Facebook, like THIS. And it’s true. Teenagers are instead opting for Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Honestly, I can see the appeal. The trend has many brands scrambling to snag a handle and […]