SPR is looking for a communications pro

Jan 22

Sabo PR is looking for a communications pro to join our team. To be considered, you must be a strong writer and proficient multi-tasker who has 3-5 years of professional communications experience beyond college. This position will be partially embedded with a client leading its communication efforts in addition to working on a variety of […]

Blogging for Best

Jan 21

As companies look for ways to expand their digital strategy, blogging has become an effective tool for brands to share their story and engage with their target audiences. It’s also a very misunderstood tactic. For most companies, a blog is a great tool to drive traffic to a website and encourage some sort of conversion […]

Functional and decorative: In praise of beautiful, useful corporate gifts

Jan 14

“Just look around your house…and whatever you see that a burglar wouldn’t steal is probably tchotchke.” Urban Dictionary “A gift with your business name on it isn’t a gift – it’s advertising.” Jeff Koeze, Koeze Co. On Saturday afternoon, I sat down with my father-in-law for a task the family had been dreading: Sorting through […]

People first: How a murder shaped my crisis practice

Jan 7

  As I strap on my roller skates after an intense close to 2018, I started thinking about the first-ever crisis I handled professionally – and what’s changed since that time. It was January 1985, and I was both a newly minted college graduate and news bureau director of my alma mater. Classes were preparing […]

New Year, New Digs, Renewed Commitment

Dec 31

Surrounded by bubble wrap, moving dollies and bankers boxes, I am crafting my final blog for 2018 – the last thing I expect to write in our office at 401 Hall St. SW. It’s startling to believe our first lease is already up. The past three years have gone by in the proverbial blink. While […]

So shines a good deed in a weary world: The wonder of holiday pitches

Dec 18

  My team and I received an early Christmas present this year: the privilege to tell a wonderful story of generosity and loyalty – and earn national media for doing so. Brian Greenleaf and I spent all of Monday pitching local, state and national media on a special $4 million gift from founder and Chairman […]

How to Deal with Daily Setbacks

Dec 10

Between working, trying to make time for myself and now moving to live in downtown Grand Rapids, the last couple of months have been full of daily setbacks. Nothing life-shattering but enough to put my mood down or make me frustrated. It’s easy to let something so small ruin your entire day or week but […]

When Mentorship and Friendship Collide

Dec 3

Last week, I sat next to a dear friend of mine at a local brewery, discussing professional and personal challenges, future goals and how delicious the butter chicken pizza was. As with many of my conversations, I spent the week reflecting on our time together chatting about the highs and lows of life and our […]

Leave the Stairs for the Professionals

Nov 26

If you’re anything like me, you will most likely take the elevator when given the option between it and the staircase—at least when the elevator isn’t broken. Perhaps I can blame this aversion on the five flights my old high school made me climb to get from calculus to chemistry, but let’s be honest, it’s […]

The disappearance of “i”

Nov 19

I noticed the “i” on my keyboard mysteriously started malfunctioning last week. I had been looking away as I typed, only to dscover a pecular amount of msspelled words lnng the page n red. How odd, right? I suspect nargles are behind it. (Sorry, Harry Potter nerd here.) Or as we often say in the […]