"There is no legal problem…that is not a communication problem."

- Joel Johnson, policy advisor to Pres. Bill Clinton

When you head into court, you want Sabo PR on your legal team. For more than two decades, we’ve partnered with Michigan’s leading law firms to manage litigation communications for high-stakes, high-profile, bet-the-farm lawsuits.

Unlike other types of crisis communications, litigation communications can’t rely solely on traditional PR tactics. This highly specialized area requires both an understanding of litigation strategy and courtroom proceedings to ensure your communications counsel is an asset – not a liability.

As a member of the litigation team, Sabo PR works collaboratively to determine how effective communications might shape trial strategy. We’ll partner with you to craft communication strategies that protect the organization’s reputation before, during and after a trial.

Our Approach


We start where you want to end. What are you trying to achieve – applying pressure for a settlement? Making a nuisance go away? Knowing the desired outcome helps us plot the right course.

Stakes + stakeholders

We then look at the stakes involved – is this about money? market share? reputation? And then we consider the stakeholders most affected – employees? shareholders? customers? neighbors?


We next evaluate how media exposure from a targeted PR campaign will help – or hinder – you from reaching your goal.


Finally, we will develop a comprehensive communications strategy that supports your legal strategy and the company’s business objectives, offering recommendations for pre-trial, trial and verdict phases.

What can we do for you?