At Sabo PR

Clients come first

At the end of the day, we only exist because of our clients. They are the heartbeat of who we are, and all of our decisions should be in their best interest. We are available when they need us, and we shift to fit their needs. Our clients should always feel like we are sitting around and waiting just to hear from them – even if the rest of our world has gone up in flames.

There are no drama queens or kings

No matter how crazy our workload is or what is happening with our clients, we always act as a cohesive team. We leave our egos at the door and work as one unit to provide our clients with top-notch results. If we have an issue with a fellow team member, we talk it out and find a way to move forward together.

We always ask: “how can I help you get out of here?”

Everyday, before we leave, we always ask anyone left in the office if there is anything we can do to help him or her go home. One teammate should never be the beast of burden, burning the midnight oil while others are not.

We always have our roller skates on

Every SPR team member comes to work everyday ready to be flexible in our time, attitude and expectations. We are ready to switch directions for any client on the drop of a dime – and do so with a smile. We know that the nature of our work is fast-paced and ever-changing, but that is why we love it.

We don’t give each other garbage

When a colleague receives our work, it will be as perfect as we can possibly muster. We agree to take the time needed to do the assignment correctly the first time. We never handoff sub-par work, expecting our colleagues to pick up the slack. We acknowledge that everyone maintains a full client workload, and we respect that everyone’s time is valuable.

No task is too great and no assignment is too small

We don’t shy away from daunting tasks or say no because an assignment is below our station. Every single Sabo PR team member is ready to do whatever it takes to make our clients shine – including sweeping the floors.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but we always do our best

When we have a win, we celebrate it – no matter how big or small. We build each other up as a team. We also know that sometimes, we’re going to make mistakes – we are humans after all – but when we do, we learn from the mistake so it doesn’t happen again. And we always, always put our best foot forward to achieve incredible results for our clients. 

We always “self report”

If we do make a mistake, we always are the first ones to own up to it with our teammates or clients. We take responsibility for our own actions and don’t assume someone else will pick up the slack. We also acknowledge the teammate was not acting out of malice and should be supported to help him or her move forward.

We run with the big dogs

Though we are a small agency, that doesn’t mean the quality of our work is. On the contrary, we produce the highest quality content that our clients will be proud to show to the world – and we help them achieve the results they deserve.

We manage expectations

Of both our clients and our teammates. We are realistic in creating timelines and goals and then sticking to them. When we say something will be done by a certain time, we get it done. And we never unnecessarily throw last-minute work at a teammate.