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Guiding Light’s Job Post Creates $2.5 Million Economic Impact, Provides 1,000+ Jobs, Substantial Opportunities
Grand Rapids, Michigan, January 2, 2018 – As it wraps up a successful second year, The Job Post has placed more than 1,000 individuals in full-time jobs since its inception, creating a $2.5 million economic impact on West Michigan.
The Job Post, which operates as a social enterprise of Guiding Light, is a hiring and recruitment firm that provides job placement services for individuals who are temporarily unemployed or are seeking career advancement. The services are designed to provide opportunities for individuals to re-engage in the community and secure a steady income.
“When we started this program two years ago, we were very intentional about the way we wanted to operate,” said Stuart Ray, executive director at Guiding Light. “We help companies by providing an excellent workforce, we help individuals by finding them fulfilling work and we help our community with the money earned through The Job Post by reinvesting it into Guiding Light’s programing.”
The Job Post operates on a model similar to other staffing agencies, but sets itself apart as a social enterprise. All revenues generated from its placement work are returned to Guiding Light to support the Back to Work and Recovery program.
The Job Post now has four full-time experienced recruiters who identify and place candidates for partnering companies in manufacturing. Candidates who are selected to fill positions then operate on a temporary employment basis for 90 days with the opportunity for full-time, permanent work and the eligibility for benefits, health insurance and a 401(k) at the end of the 90-day period.
Candidates who utilize The Job Post have a solid chance at immediate full-time work. By contrast, many other temp-to-work opportunities can take months – or even years – to transition off the staffing agency payroll.
Additionally, The Job Post offers several incentives to potential candidates, including a $100 bonus for no absences during the first 30 days of employment; a $100 bonus for minimal absences during the first 90 days of employment; as well as providing resources necessary to perform the job, some which may include bus passes, safety clothing, proper shoes, etc.
“We have done a good job finding the right companies who are conscientious about their employees,” Ray explained. “At some places, individuals may have to be a contract worker for two years or more before getting a full-time opportunity.
“Our goal is to help find an effective match among individuals and companies so the fit is seamless from day one. If someone has the desire to work and is physically able to work, we will take care of the rest to make it happen.”
The Job Post draws participants from throughout the West Michigan community. While advertising efforts on social media and placements on job websites are used as recruiting tools, The Job Post gets most of its participation from foot traffic, job fairs and referrals. Additionally, individuals who participate in Guiding Light’s programs also utilize The Job Post.
On average, candidates placed by the organization make on average more than $11 per hour, but can earn anywhere from $10-14 per hour for general labor and $18-25 per hour or higher for skilled labor. Further, The Job Post offers a quick turnaround time, with some candidates walking into the company to apply and walking out with a job in less than two hours—a unique characteristic for a hiring and recruitment firm.
Perhaps the biggest difference of The Job Post from other hiring and recruiting firms is found in its financial operations. While other staffing agencies make profit from the candidates they place, The Job Post uses the small fee earned from placing candidates and puts the money back into Guiding Light, benefiting the individuals who utilize the organization’s programs and furthering its mission to provide recovery and re-engagement for those living at society’s margins.
“The growth this initiative has seen since its beginning – but especially in the last six months or so – has been incredible,” Ray said. “We are aiming to help individuals transform their lives and build up the courage to make meaningful changes by re-engaging with society—which is exactly what this program is all about.”
About The Job Post
The Job Post is a full-service hiring firm, the only one of its kind in the city of Grand Rapids. It is a social enterprise embedded within Guiding Light, meaning all profits earned go directly back in to the mission to support its programs. The Job Post specializes in part-time and full-time employment placements, direct hire and project hiring services for job-seekers. They provide comprehensive identification and background checks including thoroughly investigated work histories, references and drug testing. Employees placed through The Job Post are also provided with resources like transportation or other prerequisite necessities, such as boots or uniforms. Each employee placed through The Job Post is held accountable to high standards and 80 percent of current hires are men and women within Kent County.
About Guiding Light
Founded in 1929 as the West Fulton St. Mission, Guiding Light has grown into a robust recovery and re-engagement community designed to help those living at society’s margins fulfill their God-given potential. Through its Back to Work, Recovery and Iron House programs, Guiding Light works with men struggling with addiction and homelessness to return back to society.