Dec 13

Special days to recognize on social media

Ah, December: a month filled with excitement, holiday cheer, delicious food — and new year planning.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve spent a good chunk of time planning 2022 social media and content calendars for various clients. While sometimes tedious, this planning has always been incredibly helpful, prompting me to think both retroactively and proactively and ultimately keeping me on track year-round.

This time around, I wanted to help make sure clients are being as intentional and equitable as possible when recognizing holidays on their various channels throughout the year. This can be a daunting task since there’s much to learn and celebrate, especially now that there’s a day to honor nearly everything – from #NationalHauntedRefrigeratorNight to #NationalBubbleWrapDay. Following are a few recommendations to help guide you as you plan content for 2022:

Create an approved master list

Set up a meeting with your leadership team to understand what’s most important for the organization to recognize and make sure your content aligns with these priorities. Use your key messages to guide you in this process — you want to make sure the holidays you choose to recognize align with your company’s values and brand. Your team may choose to identify all major religious holidays, have a simple season’s greetings to all or not recognize holidays at all. Once this list is finalized, incorporate it into your calendar so you don’t forget about it. Of course, if you don’t already have a social media calendar, I suggest adding it to your New Year’s resolution list.


Do your research

Before adding a holiday you’re not familiar with to your list, ensure you understand what the appropriate greetings are for that day — not everything is necessarily happy. While you may be cheerful on the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah, you’ll want to use more solemn adjectives to describe Lent, a season of renewal and recovery. Additionally, while it’s typical to say “Happy Veterans Day” or “Happy Memorial Day,” given the violence and death of war, you may approach your messaging on a more serious note. Taking a deeper dive into the meaning of various holidays can also inform your decisions on whether or not to include them on your list.


Pick your #NationalDays wisely

This is where I tell you to tread lightly. While I’m not a fan of all these #NationalDays, keep an eye out — some may seem silly, but others may actually have some relevance to your organization. For example, the Gerald R. Ford International Airport may not recognize #NationalElephantEarDay; however, #NationalPlanForVacationDay is a fun way to encourage folks to book flights.

Note: There shouldn’t be too many of these days on your list. However, if there are some your team is going back and forth on, know you don’t always have to directly recognize them and use the hashtag. Woodland Mall doesn’t necessarily have to call out #NationalCoffeeDay, but it can feature content about Starbucks’ hours or offerings sometime that week.

With all the holidays and #NationalDays there are to keep up with, social media planning can be incredibly overwhelming. However, it’s worth it, helping you keep your social media from being too crowded. Sticking to an intentional and consistent master list will enable you to celebrate as much — or as little — as you’d like in 2022.

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