May 3

Supportive then and now – Sabo PR’s culture three years in

The Sabo PR team all gives a thumb's up for a photo during a Zoom video call.From my first week to now, three years later, Sabo PR’s corporate culture has impressed me. While a lot has changed in the time I’ve been with the firm, I’m proud we’ve remained a cohesive team.

We’ve had clients and team members come and go. We’ve changed offices. And now, we’re going on more than a year working separately out of our homes due to COVID-19. Knowing 2020 was a year that could make or break any team, I feel more thankful than ever for the strength of ours. Not only did we make it, I feel we are a closer and better team!

As I reflect on my time with Sabo PR, here are a few factors I believe play a part in fostering our positive company culture:

Good human values

Real talk: It took a remote-work requirement in our state for some companies to realize employees can be successful working from home. The pandemic has forced people to become more cognizant of the intertwining of work and personal lives. There’s more grace, understanding and flexibility in the workforce at large.

But at Sabo PR, we’ve long held these values and options. Autonomy and adaptability. We’ve had the trust and capacity to work remotely and flex our schedules as needed pre-pandemic. We know everyone’s time is valuable. We start each day ready to be flexible and switch directions for any client on the drop of a dime. Likewise, if someone on our team needs help, they know the rest of the team has got them covered.

Calm, caring team members

A good culture is largely dependent on the composition of the team. Even as our team has changed, we’ve stayed true to our logo: We’re a team of nice folks who always try and leave you with a smile. We’ve built a strong team of professionals who are calm under pressure, easy to work with and genuinely nice human beings to be around.

The occasional bad workday is inevitable, but having kind and caring colleagues can help you overcome and bounce back. We want one another to be successful and we welcome opportunities to offer support. While we used to ask, “How can I help you get out of here?” now it’s, “What can I take off your plate?”

Commitment to team building

Sabo PR has always invested in team-building opportunities. Even when our workloads are wild, we still make time to connect. The pandemic has challenged us to be more creative, resulting in some pretty unique experiences for the team.

We’ve had physically distanced outings for a private movie viewing and walk through a sculpture park. We’ve also enjoyed a concert and learned how to make baklava over Zoom, just to name a few. I’m always thankful for the opportunity to spend time together, even if virtually. These experiences are so important for strengthening workplace bonds – particularly during a time when we’re all working from our homes.

A compassionate leader at the helm

They say culture stems from the top, and that is so true here at Sabo PR. I would be remiss not to acknowledge that while everything is a team effort at SPR, Mary Ann has brought us together and been an exemplary “ringmaster.”

I know much of what I admire about our culture is the work of Mary Ann and her compassionate leadership. She goes above and beyond in her role to keep us connected with one another and maintain a supportive work environment. She is without a doubt the hardest-working person I know – and I’m confident my colleagues would say the same.

A common theme in my first blog post for Sabo PR was how intimidating joining a new team can be, but the culture here at Sabo PR is anything but that. Sabo PR helped me feel welcomed and supported my first week. Today, I feel just as supported and I am forever grateful for the team we have.

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