May 7

A reflection on my first week

It goes without saying, beginning any new job can be intimidating. The first week especially can be a blur trying to learn who’s who, what’s what and how do I fit into it all.

Being the newbie, it’s easy to do a bit of second-guessing—knowing it’s important to ask questions, but not wanting to ask too many; figuring out when I should observe and listen, or when it’s OK to show initiative; wondering if what I’m wearing is professional enough or if I’m over-doing it. From the simple act of figuring out where things are in the office to the marathon that is building relationships with coworkers and clients, the list of new employee blunders and curiosities can go on and on….

But a company’s culture and how they on-board can make all the difference in helping that first week be a welcoming, exciting experience or an overwhelming one. Thankfully, Sabo PR has this process down pat!

Here’s a few ways the Sabo PR team helped me feel welcome my first week:

Checklists and Conversations

Sabo PR Mug

My first morning began with a literal warm welcome with a fresh cup of coffee and a few on-boarding gifts—my very own Sabo PR mug, a portfolio and a new pair of socks (yes, you read that correctly: socks. Who doesn’t love a fresh pair of toe warmers?). Following the formalities, we swiftly sat down to talk through important logistics. We reviewed an organized checklist of all the who’s who and what’s what, where to find this and how to do that.

Next came our Monday morning team huddle. A weekly occurrence, this meeting gives each team member the opportunity to share what they’re working on and to gain insight from each other on projects. Each person’s run down of his or her workload gave me a sneak peek of the firm’s current client work and major projects that I would soon be a part of. It also provided a natural moment for an official welcome and introduction to the team.

Constant Feedback

From press release edits to tweaks on emails with clients, I’m getting feedback on it all. This guidance is absolutely fundamental for me as I develop the right voice for and with my clients. I hear when I’ve done something well. I’m shown how to do things better if I missed the mark. While suggestions for improvement can be intimidating, I can attest that any criticism is truly constructive and given in a thoughtful way. It was clear to me my first week, Sabo PR wants every team member to be successful. It’s great to have that guidance and support when navigating new territory.


Sabo PR is a small but mighty team with typically six full-time folks in the office. Going into my first week, it was apparent to me that my colleagues were a tight-knit group of people. I wasn’t sure what my place within that would be, but what helped me feel a part of the team right away was how each team member made sure to check in with me. With sincerity, I was asked how I was adjusting, how I was feeling, how I was being treated and if I had any questions they could answer. These simple questions throughout the week from everyone in the office helped make me feel supported, which leads me to my last observation…

A Cognizant Team

Without a doubt, Sabo PR is a cohesive team. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more polite and supportive group of people. I learned quickly my first week that truly everything is a team effort. As we are wrapping up our time in the office, it is routine to ask if there is anything we can do to help each other go home. I’m thankful to be a part of a team that is so cognizant of what each other needs. Stepping in to help is second nature here, so I know I don’t have to think twice about asking for guidance or support.

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