Mar 14

What does it mean to be an expert resource?

When an executive thinks of professional services, it’s easy to imagine a big picture. Lawyers, accountants, management consultants and PR folks are all “experts” in a particular aspect of running a business, and it’s generally easy to track down a firm that can help when a difficult or complex situation is imminent.

Depending on the specific need, however, there may be individuals or firms who are better suited to help with a particular task. For example, the lawyer who provided great insight when managing a merger is probably not going to be as comfortable providing advice when a competitor infringes on a copyright.

Similarly, reporters often need specific help understanding a certain aspect of a situation in order to tell a well-rounded story. These reporters may not be looking for a direct connection to a given situation, but for context that will help them and their audience understand the wider impact. They’re looking for an expert resource.

We often work with our client to come up with a newsworthy topic, check the clients’ availability, then reach out to a reporter to say, “Hey, you should be interested in this because X, Y or Z – and we have just the someone who can talk about it.”

We also field calls, texts and tweets from reporters working on a story about a particular topic. Because Sabo PR is connected with key leaders and knowledgeable resources in Grand Rapids and across Michigan, the media recognize we can find the right expert for the story they are working on.

Of course, being recognized as an expert resource doesn’t happen overnight. Our work with social media, blogging, press releases and ghostwriting lays the groundwork for our clients, so they have the right background for reporters to reference when determining if the client is a good fit for a particular story.

Erin received her bachelor’s degree in communication from Grand Valley State University and her master’s degree in organizational communication from Western Michigan University. Her decade of professional experience spans traditional and web marketing, internal communications and organizational culture. Find Erin on LinkedIn or reach her by email.

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