Mar 18

And the award goes to…

Crystal-clear glass awards from the WMPRSA 2016 PRoof Awards line a shelf.

I’d be willing to bet if you’re a West Michigan public relations professional, you’re in the midst of submitting your best work from the past year for recognition through the West Michigan Public Relations Society of America.

The West Michigan Chapter’s PRoof Awards recognize practitioners who successfully used skill, creativity and resourcefulness to address a communication challenge in 2018. The awards program is highly competitive as it shines a light on the best PR work of the year and highlights the highest standards of performance in the region.

If you’re a superstar award entry writer, you’ve successfully submitted your work by the early bird deadline. Way to go!

If you’re still fervently perfecting your submission in time for the final deadline, stick with it.

There’s a variety of reasons why vying for company awards is worth the time and effort. Here’s three for consideration:

Reminder of Best Practices

Let’s take a step back. Before we even discuss the value of winning an award, it’s important to acknowledge the value of the nominating process. Writing a nomination forces you to take a close look at the work you’ve done and clearly explain what made the project(s) successful. That careful reflection is an important reminder to make sure you’re following best practices in all the work you do.

As you narrow down which projects you’re committed to nominating, you may notice a trend in the award categories you’re submitting entries for year after year. Those patterns illuminate what sets you apart and perhaps an opportunity to diversify your practice.

Third-Party Validation

Validation from an objective third party substantiates your company’s credibility. To be recognized for adhering to the highest standards in the region is a huge honor that should not be taken lightly.

Industry awards highlight your achievements and quality of work at a level that client testimonials cannot. The distinction can be a major boost for your reputation (and that of your clients, as they will also have the benefit of having their company associated with the recognition).

Propel Employee Morale

Be the company or boss people want to work for. I think people work the best when morale is high, when team members feel good about the work they’re doing and the company they work for. Awards are a great way to enhance that culture.

Beyond retention, I think it’s fair to say company accolades can aid in recruitment as well. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company that’s been recognized for its excellence in the industry time and time again?

Should your company win an award, congrats! Winning will positively impact client and employee loyalty and could open the door for future business. It’s important to showcase it in an appropriate manner and recognize the many people beyond your team who were involved in making the honor possible. Be sure to thank your clients, partners and any others who played a role.

Should the ceremony not go as you had hoped, be gracious in defeat and learn from those who achieved the awards. At Sabo PR, we say, “sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but we always do our best.” We recognize there’s always room for improvement.

It’s in our social contract that “when we have a win, we celebrate it – no matter how big or small. We build each other up as a team. We also know that sometimes, we’re going to make mistakes – we are humans after all – but when we do, we learn from the mistake so it doesn’t happen again. And we always, always put our best foot forward to achieve incredible results for our clients.”

To all of those who are submitting entries this year, thank you. Healthy competition encourages the best possible work, which is beneficial for the community at-large. We’ll see you May 22!

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