Dec 10

How to Deal with Daily Setbacks

Between working, trying to make time for myself and now moving to live in downtown Grand Rapids, the last couple of months have been full of daily setbacks. Nothing life-shattering but enough to put my mood down or make me frustrated. It’s easy to let something so small ruin your entire day or week but it’s important to remember that things rarely go as expected all the time.

You CAN change how you react to the negative, which can improve your mood dramatically. At Sabo PR, we never know what the day is going to hand us, so we have to be ready to react positively to every situation.

Take a step back from the problem

  • What is really the problem? Are you upset about this specific incident or is something else bothering you?
  • Are you the only person facing this problem?
  • Will it impact your life in the next year? This is a big one for me. As we get frustrated over small things, ask yourself if this is something that will matter in a year.

Venting is healthy!

  • If something small is bothering you, sometimes venting (to someone who wants to listen) can really make you feel better. Venting about the horrible driver on your way to work can help you get over it faster.
  • Be careful to whom you vent. Not everyone wants to hear complaints, so make sure your friends or colleagues are okay with it – and don’t make them listen for 20 minutes.

Process your emotions

  • If you ignore what you’re upset about, chances are you will stay upset longer. Something else could be bothering you and you are taking it out on small things daily – make sure you know what’s really bothering you.
  • Work out, meditate or take a walk. Moving your body helps relieve stress in more ways than one.

Take a break!

  • Sometimes you just have to take a break. Watch Netflix instead of working out, take a nap instead of going for a walk. It’s important to keep your mind happy to help deal with daily struggles.

“Brushing off the small things” is easier said than done, but taking issues one step at a time can help make managing setbacks more positive part of your everyday.

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