Aug 13

Another Update?

If you work in the world of communications, two things are certain: You will spend a lot of time on your phone and social media will change constantly – even the way that people utilize the platforms continues to change. It can be hard to keep up – that’s why you have Sabo PR.

Facebook unveiled some new changes this past week for business pages. These changes will benefit both the consumer and the business.

Changes to the “Reviews” section

Businesses have always had a love-hate relationship with reviews. Love the good ones, hate the bad ones – and are often tempted to delete the bad ones. Facebook feels your pain a bit. Reviews are now called “Recommendations” and have a couple of new functions.

  • A yes/no option endorsement that allows for further commenting
  • Endorsement tags that work as hashtags – you can use them to tag “kid friendly” or “free-Wi-Fi”
  • Minimum character count for comments, which helps ensure recommendations are valuable input. This will stop comments such as “I don’t like this place” and allow for more constructive responses.
  • New reporting function that will flag a recommendation as fraudulent, spam or paid for, which is especially useful for service industries or retailers

New action buttons

Custom buttons are now available that will cater to specific industries. These buttons will show at the top of your page to help Facebook users engage with your business. For example, visitors can to book an appointment, order food or leave a recommendation. This makes things easier and more functional for those who visit your business page, encouraging them to stop in more regularly.

Event changes

Facebook will now allow ticket sales right from its platform – you no longer have to link the Facebook event to Eventbrite to sell tickets. This will allow more people to purchase tickets conveniently (although the cynic in me says this is another way for Facebook to increase revenue). Clicking from link to link to order tickets can be frustrating for customers; the fewer buttons you have to click, the better!

How to stay up-to-date  

Personally, I’ve found a few tricks that have helped me keep up with the always-changing social media platforms. Plan on checking for changes once a week or so.

  • Twitter search – searching #socialmedia will pull up different influencers discussing changes to different platforms — you can even save this search so that it’s easy to look at again
  • Google alerts – setting up an alert for “social media” will alert whenever something is updated using those keywords
  • Instagram – using Instagram’s explore page and using #socialmedia #socialmarketing will also pull up trending social media topics

Keeping an eye on the changing trends can improve your page, help users have a better experience and drive more views and business – and isn’t that what social media is all about?


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  1. Mary Helmic says:

    Thanks for the updates, Brianna! Keeping up with the changes in social media is a challenge, and I think you gave us some very useful tips here!

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