Apr 23

It’s Positivity Week

Snow, ice and below freezing temperatures are not uncommon experiences for those living in Michigan. However, the wintry mix that came the weekend of April 13 was shock after several days of sunny, 50-degree afternoons. While the weather around here is notoriously fickle, there’s something particularly distasteful about facing another few days of winter after you’ve optimistically retired your boots to the back of the closet.

The Monday following the ice storm, I stepped into the office to find two of my colleagues huddled together, excitedly chatting. Instead of recounting their weekends or perspective weekly to-do lists, my interest was piqued when Katelyn declared, “We’ve decided it’s going to be positivity week.”

I was immediately onboard. I’d been practicing positivity all weekend and loved the idea of making it an official mantra for the work week. At this point in the year, when the post- spring break blues have settled in and all you can do is hunker down through the (hopefully) last wave of winter, it can be difficult to find the positive. So, after an official positivity week, here are a few things I learned:

Be flexible. When plan A doesn’t pan out, pivot and embrace plan B. During the aforementioned stormy weekend, I was celebrating with my friend at her bachelorette party when the ice hit Grand Rapids.

On Saturday, we had planned for a relaxing afternoon of yoga, but the storm had left the studio without power. After a bit of googling and a quick brainstorm session, we moved the party to SkyZone. What resulted was an hour of jumping on trampolines, diving into foam pits and playing dodgeball with middle-schoolers. We belly-laughed and played like middle schoolers ourselves and, upon shedding our no-slip socks and dusting off stray pieces of foam, my friend and bride-to-be looked at the party and said, “Thank you all for being so flexible and embracing the change of plans.”

You see, you don’t always get the bachelorette party you want, you get the bachelorette party you need. The positivity factor in a party, work or life is a flexible attitude.

Don’t go it alone.No man is an island. Two are better than one. You get the idea. With any goal or resolution, it always seems more possible when you have a buddy sharing the journey with you, holding you accountable and cheering you on.

On Sunday, when the storm had hardened my driveway into an ice rink and the stinging rain had lightened slightly, my friend texted me to go for a walk. At first I balked at the ludicrous suggestion – the hail, the wind chill! However, I had to admit that a brisk walk in nature may be the perfect way to reset for the week ahead. Our three-mile trek in the woods flew by as we chatted, laughed and shared stories leaving us both better for the week.

Celebrate every tiny victory.It may be because I attended a school that made sure every student received a participation award (I’m looking at you Mrs. Shippee), but I’m a big believer in finding the wins in everyday life. This week at Sabo PR, finding the win in a 12-hour work day was a client providing dinner and another particularly opinionated client reminded us that we love working with passionate people.

As my coworker Brian likes to say, sometimes being a human is hard. However, it can be made a little easier by focusing on the positive details and reveling the tiny moments that feel like a victory.

So, what do you say? Want to give your own positivity week a shot? Find a co-worker, show up, take note and you’ll be on your way to a silver-lined week.

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    Uplifting message! Thank you!

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