Jan 29

Count to Four

At a recent yoga class, the instructor began the session by introducing us to a breathing practice. For the next five minutes, we breathed in for four, held for five and exhaled for six. After several minutes, we began to stretch up and out into the familiar utkatasana and downward dog. For the next hour, as we twisted and balanced, our instructor would remind us that we always had the option to drop back into our breath count, our base. No matter how difficult the position or wobbly our limbs might feel, we had our breath to come back to and ground us.

For anyone who has practiced yoga or a form of meditation, an essential building block to both is breathing. As an innate reflex, we don’t spend a lot of conscious time reflecting on our breathing habits throughout the day. However, after intentional practice and observation, I now find myself dropping into a four-count breathing practice during a stressful moment or as I fall asleep. Knowing that I can always come back to something as simple as breathing – no matter how crazy the day gets – has helped me both inside and outside the yoga studio.

At Sabo PR, our “breath” is honest story-telling. Every organization and brand has a granular story that runs through each piece of communication. Once a story is established, it naturally grounds and serves as a launching point—leaving plenty of space for creative exploits. Great communication and branding will always point back to the same objective.

However, if the base hasn’t been established, and an organization immediately jumps to a sounds-good-in-the-boardroom-but-doesn’t-pan-out-in-reality marketing strategy, it may find themselves struggling to find balance. Off-kilter and without a mastery of the basics, moonshot schemes can be disastrous.

It’s not uncommon for Sabo PR to be called in by a client to help with one project, only to discover that the client isn’t exactly sure of the purpose of its newsletter, who the intended audience is or how the materials fit into the overall communication strategy.

At this point, we encourage our client to go back to the basics and remember what elemental purpose the organization serves. By paring back to a business’ mission and vision, we can start to rebuild a solid foundation. Once the groundwork is laid and your “breath” is established, explore every creative, quirky and innovative idea you can think of. You won’t have to worry about getting mixed up in impossible communication knots.

So, when it comes to communication, what’s your base? What is the simple, most elemental form of practice for your business that is consistent and steady? The next time you feel off-balance or wobbly, count to four and call Sabo PR.

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