Oct 23

How to Win Followers and Influence People

What is a social media influencer, exactly? If you’ve hung around any marketers in the past couple years, you’ve definitely heard this term. A social media influencer is someone who has power over your audience to make an impact on your brand or product. Some examples are bloggers, reviewers, industry experts and trusted sources. If you own a restaurant, for example, an influencer might include a food blogger, food reviewer, TV personality or a culinary instructor.

Identifying and partnering with influencers can have huge impacts on your brand. Social media influencers are attracting more attention in the world of marketing and advertising.

Social media influencers have doubled their power in the past year. Marketers will spend more than $1 billion of advertising dollars on social media influencers in 2017. And don’t expect to see that number shrink.

Why are companies investing so much money in social media influencers? Because people trust recommendations over advertisements. Nielson reports that 33 percent of people trust advertisements while 90 percent of people trust peer recommendations.

Do you remember the last time you purchased a new television? Did you go to Samsung’s website to learn more about the product? Probably. I bet you also looked at professional reviews on CNET.com and asked your tech-savvy friend their thoughts on your next purchase.

When properly executed, social media influencers can help you humanize your organization as well as build relationships with your core audience. And like all quality relationships in your life, the relationship between your brand and your audience needs to be nurtured and takes time. Trust me – this is a process you do not want to rush.

When building your relationships, if it feels forced and difficult, your audience will recognize and disengage. If it’s done correctly, building a relationship and talking about your brand will come across as natural and genuine. You’ll see an increase in your SEO and insights.

We know that building relevant and engaging content is difficult. Identifying social media influencers will nudge your organization in a positive direction and help with your interaction with your audience.

As you build your social media presence, keep an eye for people who may have influence in your base. Foster those relationships, and invest the time and resources in maintaining those relationships. In the end, the payoff could propel your organization leaps and bounds.

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