Aug 21

Dream Team SPR

If you’ve been keeping up with our recent blog posts or social postings, you may have heard that Sabo PR is looking for a new team member. The interview process here is, if nothing, thorough. I had three separate interviews with six people over the course of three days. Now I realize I had it easy.

As I’ve gotten to sit on the other side of team interviews, I understand why there is such a careful vetting process. It takes a certain kind of personality to get it on in PR, especially at an agency like Sabo.

A good communicator? Check. A solid writer? Check. Able to switch gears seamlessly? Even better. Below I’ve distilled the top three capabilities we’re sure to find in the next Sabo PR employee:

Roller Skates

I’ve worked in fast-paced, undefined work environments before, but I didn’t know the true meaning of a quick turn around until I started at Sabo PR. It’s common to see anyone of my coworkers hop on a conference call to discuss an upcoming fundraising campaign only to be called to another city for a crisis the next. Handling both issues with the same dexterity reserved for athletes, Mary Ann often says, “We’ve got our roller skates on today.” Seamlessly gliding from one client to the next, is either the kind of thing that makes you anxious or keeps you motivated. At Sabo PR, it’s second nature.

Eight Hour Test

The eight-hour test is a simple exercise we go through when considering a potential new team member: would you want to spend eight hours in a room with this person? Simple yet effective, the eight-hour test helps to distinguish between someone who is good at their job and someone who would be good at Sabo PR.

A person can be the most over-achieving, deadline-driven, gifted writer, but if they’re not someone you want to hop on an emergency conference call with at 11 p.m., then they’re not the best fit for team Sabo. As a small but mighty group, we spend a lot of time together working and collaborating on just about everything. When you’re in the trenches of a website redesign or a day-two of a media campaign, you want the hard worker as well as the easy-to-laugh-with co-worker alongside.

Waiting by the Phone

I talk about this principal a lot, but it is worth repeating. Our customer service mantra at Sabo PR is, “We want every client to feel like we’ve been waiting by our phones for them to call.” Our hope is that no matter the request or problem, a client can count on us to be there. We pride ourselves on not being the agency that caters to the large clients while putting the smaller ones on the back burner. Each client gets 100 percent every time.

I’m excited for whoever decides to join our crew in the coming months. I know that not only will they have an outstanding skillset and work ethic, they’ll come to work each day excited to strap on their roller skates.

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