Jul 31

Blue Frosting: A Six-Month Reflection

Six months into my time at Sabo PR, I find myself reflecting on the many things I’ve learned. While each day presents itself with new challenges and countless opportunities to hone the fine art of communication, there are a few statements I recall from my first days that continue to ring true.

Blue Frosting and Other Travesties

One of my first days at Sabo PR, a colleague said that sometimes done is better than perfect. The implication being that, as public relation professionals, we can be fastidious about details. Getting wrapped up in the finer points of an editorial calendar or an Excel spreadsheet is not uncommon.

Somewhere between the minutiae of an InDesign project and a well-timed tweet, you can find yourself knee-deep in details and edits and lose sight of the big picture. What my co-worker so wisely reminded me of is the important balance between perfectionism and efficiency.

I was forced to recall these wise words a few weeks after my start date when, for a press event, I had ordered pastries with orange and green frosting to match the clients’ corporate colors. The day of the event, I was greeted by a box of donuts in a shocking shade of royal blue.

I stared at the box blankly. “This is it,” I thought. “Something was bound to go wrong today and this is it: blue frosting.” The realization that I was getting upset about frosting while the rest of the event had gone off without a hitch washed over me. No one noticed the off-colored donuts but me and they were happily scarfed down. In public relations, sometimes you get perfection – and sometimes you get blue donuts.

The good, the bad and the client

If we’re being candid, everyone has a part of their job that they don’t love. Hopefully, you have job that makes that unhappy task worthwhile. That’s true at Sabo PR.

Upon my first interview with Mary Ann she said matter-of-factly, “We only work with good people.” And in the past six months, I have often been reminded of Sabo PR’s modus operandi. We get the opportunity to serve some fantastic business, organizations and nonprofits making a difference in their industry and community. Getting the chance to pitch in on projects and tell the stories of places we feel passionate about makes work enjoyable.

Going the Extra Mile

During my first few days of college orientation, an upperclassman told me, “Enjoy the food now, because it won’t be this good once the parents leave.” While I don’t remember the parabola of food quality during college, so often we are presented with a flashy first impression, only to find that there’s no substance behind those claims.

I knew Sabo would be different, when on one of my first days Tom Rademacher, our resident wordsmith, wrapped up the conversation with a pithy, “Always tell the truth and go the extra mile.”

For us, going the extra mile means making each client feel like they’re our only client. We answer phone calls, respond to emails, manage crises; in short, we go the extra mile because we’ve got your back.

While I’ve learned many things during my first six months, Sabo PR’s business approach and emphasis on building relationships have been the most important, and I’m excited to see what the next six months will bring.

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  1. Robin Keith says:

    Love this post. Very well said, Michaela!

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    Fun read! Thanks for sharing

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