Apr 10

Letter to a future partner


Tom Rademacher, T.J. Hamilton, Brian Greenleaf and Mary Ann Sabo — just a few Sabo PR team members.

Wanted: The next partner at Sabo PR

You: Writing is in your blood. It’s like air – you need it to live. You’re clean, fast and confident in building great sentences. You can tell a compelling story, whether it’s in a press release, blog or Facebook post.

You thrill at the chance to develop strategy – but don’t mind rolling up your sleeves to execute. You can think and do – and are equally as excited about a blend of both in your work life.

You get business. You can tell a debit from a credit. You understand that clients want – no, demand – a return on the investment that they make when they hire Sabo PR.

You get social media, too. You understand best practices for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat and can spot that next compelling platform on the horizon. Analytics don’t scare you.

You have the basics when it comes to design and want to learn more. You’ve got more than the basics when it comes to CMS. You may not be able to build a website on WordPress, but you are savvy when it comes to managing content

You love a challenge. Whether it’s managing impossibly tight deadlines for a client or developing a creative solution on a shoestring budget, you get a deep sigh of satisfaction when you figure out the puzzle.

You love West Michigan. You want to see it thrive – and you would love to have a front-row seat at some of the biggest projects that are contributing to its growth.

You’re ready to join a team where your contributions matter. You can’t wait to jump in with both feet and help build an already growing strategic communications firm. You’ve got your sights on partner some day – and are ready to do what it takes to get there.

You’ve got goals. And you’re ready to make a difference.

Maybe you’re feeling underutilized where you currently work. Or maybe you’re graduating next month and ready for your first business cards.

If you’re looking for a career in PR – or know someone who is – then please drop me a line.

If you’re just looking for a job, well, thanks for having read this far.

2 thoughts on “Letter to a future partner”

  1. Stephanie Gamble says:

    MaryAnn — how many years experience are you thinking 3-5 or 10-15?

    1. Brian Jon Greenleaf says:

      Stephanie, thanks for inquiring – would love to have 2-4 years of experience, but would also consider training the right candidate who is a recent grad or with less experience. — Mary Ann

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